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One Hot Worm is a scrapped episode outline for Adventure Time, which was never produced into a full episode.[1]


Finn is driven by his adventurous spirit to complete a real old-fashioned quest!



In a small fishing village, Finn & Jake sing around a campfire with fisherman at a moonlight fish fry. Jake plays his viola to the crowd.

A monstrous shriek is heard above the clouds before a colossal burning orange Fire Worm erupts through the flat black sky. The beast swoops low over the village screaming fireballs and terrorizing the fishermen.

Despite the beast's gargantuan size, Finn and Jake are ready to take the worm head-on. The village wise man pulls them aside.

He reveals that the Fire Worm is an ancient enemy of the village, a vile hex that appears every hundred years.

The wise man tells Finn and Jake to seek out the Water Blacksmith, the only one who can help them defeat the worm. He bids them to return before the entire village burns to ashes. It's Adventire Time!

First, they have to escape the village. The Fire Worm's flaming body writhes above the village, toppling buildings in its convulsions. Its hot magma breath rains down on them as they race away towards the "Water Blacksmith" described in the wise man's directions.

They're surprised to find the Blacksmith's shop is a flooded ruin, half-sunk into a dark lake. An anvil sits rusting in the moonlight.

Jake punches the anvil in frustration. The sound echoes across the lake and its waters churn before them.

A sopping wet lady rises from the water, her metalsmithing apron is made of seaweed and her eyes glow like gold fish. The blacksmith is a mermaid!


Finn and Jake plead their case on behalf of the villagers but the moistened smith refuses to help Finn. She dismisses him as too dry witted to wield her water-forged weapons.

Finn chastises the blacksmith for her inaction in the face of the Fire Worm's threat. The mermaid blacksmith is impressed by Finn's determination and relents. She'll help them IF they bring her the pearl from the giant mussel that lives at the nearby cove also Finn has to tell her a pretty good joke. Finn agrees.

Jake and Fin grab a couple of thick dead tree branches and arrive upon the coved mussel. They each take turns wailing on the mussel, yelling "Gimme that pearl! Give it here!"

They get tired and sit on the mussel for a while. Finn has to think of a pretty funny joke so Jake helps him with that. Together they come up with a real zinger! HaHA!

Jake pries the mussel open by shoving his fingers in the seam and expanding his arm. The mussel gives way to reveal a glowing pearl shaped like a hammer.

Upon delivering the pearl hammer to the mermaid blacksmith she sets to work with supernatural speed to forge a weapon that can defeat the Fire Worm, The Sea Saw!

"Now tell me a joke!" The mermaid demands. Fin tells her some popsicle stick joke that makes her cackle for a while. "Because the Joke was so good," she says, "I will tell you a different joke!"

The mermaid tells Finn a secret Joke that makes him embarrassed and then sends him and Jake on their way.

Our heroes are thrilled by this quality adventuring. Finn is totally pumped to have a really powerful weapon to slay a big monster! Quests and magical weapons are the stuff of heroes. With a powerful Sea Saw in hand, they run off to defeat the abominable Fire Worm!

They arrive at the still-smoldering village. The Worm is wriggling in and around the village's schoolhouse, burning textbooks and homework. All of the children are cheering and watching the school burn while the adult villagers scream and run about.

A great battle ensues! While Jake saves the villagers from the fires, Finn taunts the great Worm to take him; and so it does! The Fire Worm gobbles Finn up, but Finn is protected by the cooling water magic of the Sea Saw. Finn dodges the flames of the Fire Worm with ease while he takes it apart from the inside.

The hacked-off segments of worm fall away, crashing to the ground. The Worm's flaming head flops around; it's pretty angry for getting chopped up like that.

But as Finn walks away, victorious, the worm begins to stick itself back together behind him. It towers above him, ready to strike. Finn turns. The saw didn't work?!


With fiery power, the worm knocks Finn across the town - smack into Jake's viola. The viola's bow falls down and accidentally slides gently across the Sea Saw. It creates an eerie tone, which causes the Fire Worm to lose it's balance and fall to the ground. That's it! Fin's not supposed to CUT the worm, he's supposed to SOOTHE it!

Finn throws the saw and bow to Jake, who plays some unsettling/beautiful music with it. The Fire Worm rocks back and forth, slowly closes it's eyes, and lays down upon the village green. As the song finishes, and dawn begins to break, the worm simmers down to mere ashes. The day is saved!

The villagers cook the rest of their fish on the coals of the Fire Worm. Finn's a little bummed about not defeating the monster himself, but Jake reminds him of the secret joke between he and the mermaid. They're sort of even. "Oh yeah." Finn laughs, remembering the joke. He whispers it to Jake. "Oh Man. Hehehe. She said that?" "Yeah man." They munch on some fish and chuckle.



  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Villagers
    • Fishermen
    • Village wise-man
    • School children
  • Fire Worm
  • Water Blacksmith
  • Giant Mussel