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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "On the Lam" from season 6, which aired on June 4, 2015.

Martin 2
Space Moth
Alien Creatures
Koala Bear People
Koala camp
This transcript is incomplete.


[In a desert on a foreign planet, three Koala Bear People approach a chain gang at a distance. One looks through a pair of binoculars, seeing the various prisoners pickaxing rocks. At the end of the chain is their quarry: a small Koala Bear Person, looking exhausted.]
One-eyed Koala: Yam! Yam!
Two other Koalas: Nyam.
One-eyed Koala: Yam.
[The three Koala Bear People move forward. The small Koala Bear Person pants and sits down, unable to continue working. Martin peeks over the head of a large prisoner at the guards.]
Martin: [chuckles] That's right, you silly guards. Stay distracted, talking to each other.
[The guards are seen talking to each other.]
Martin: And when you least expect it, old Martin is gonna steal those gold helmets off your heads and use them for betting on lard fights. The very thing that got me imprisoned here in the first place.
Guard 1: [to Guard 2] It's not as bad as you—
[A third guard, whose gold helmet is much bigger than the others', approaches and interrupts their conversation.]
Guard 3: Hey, you two mugs, be on the lookout for rebels.
Martin: Whoa! Nice. Time to enact my genius plan. [licks the large prisoner next to him]
Large prisoner: Huh?! [turns to Martin]
Martin: [blows raspberry]
Large prisoner: [growls]
[The large prisoner bares his sharp teeth. Martin loops his shackles over them and kicks the large prisoner, breaking his chain. However, he is still attached to the small Koala Bear Person. Martin jumps down the line on the tops of the prisoners' heads toward the guards, dragging the small Koala Bear Person behind him.]
Guard 3: Huh?!
Martin: Here comes the rascal! [slips on the last prisoner's sweaty head] Whoa! [grunts]
[Martin falls on his face, and the small Koala Bear Person lands next to him. The guards lean in and ignite their spears. Just then, a laser blast strikes the third guard from behind, knocking his giant helmet off. It lands near Martin.]
Martin: Whoa! [reaches for it]
One-eyed Koala (offscreen): Nyam.
[The three Koala rebels cock their guns. The other two guards drop their spears and raise their hands in surrender. The small Koala chained to Martin smiles.]
Small Koala: Nyam.
Martin: Hey.
[The scene changes to Martin walking.]
Martin: This is your rebel village? I am honored. [stomach growls] Uh, say, you dudes hungry? I'm a little peckish.
Small Koala: Nyam, nyam?
[The Koala converse among themselves.]
Martin: What's a fella got to do, right?
[The Koala people finish talking and run into a crack in the ground, dragging Martin with them.]
Martin: Hey, wait a sec. Whoa! [slides down into crevice]

Martin: Alright. What's on the menu?

Small Koala: Nyam, Nyam.

Space Moth: [screeches]

Martin: [chuckles nervously] Wow. I-I mean, it looked good, but y'all have anything else?

[Koalas conversing in native language]

Martin: Huh. Hmm.

Martin: Hear me, Koala People! You deserve some real food. I tender to fly this moth over your oppressor's walled city in a series of daring raids. With this moth, I can swoop down on the unsuspecting heads of your enemies again and again! This is more than a little milk I'm talking about. I'm talking about the milk of freedom! I'm your rebel leader! Now, can someone here break your leader's chains?

Koala: Nyam.

Martin: [chuckles] Thanks, sweetie. What? Hey now, you goober.

Small Koala: Papa.

Martin: Papa?

Small Koala: Nyam, nyam.

Martin: You're just an eyeball-licking sweetie, ain't ya? [chuckles] Okay, you can hang onto my face. Hmm, those little ears on top of your head even remind me of my son's stupid hat. A little.

Small Koala: Nyam.

Martin: I'm gonna call you...Martin 2!

Small Koala: [smooches] Papa.

Martin: Alright, listen, Koala People. With this milk moth, I'll bring back sacks of food, beans to grow your own crops, medicines for the sick, and clothing to keep your children warm. Just remember the name Martin. Martin, the rebel savior. Hyah! Whoa! That-a-way!

Matin: Mot