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"On the Lam" is the forty-first episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and ninety-seventh episode overall.


Finn's father, Martin the Human, fights for freedom on a new planet.[2]


After escaping from a chain gang of captured rebels with a koala rebel in tow, Martin is brought into the koala camp and treated with kindness and generosity by the fuzzy animals that are happy to have their ally back.

They offer the hungry Martin a bowl of milk from their giant moth, but Martin turns down the meal, instead hatching a plan that takes advantage of the koala's overwhelming hunger and need for medical assistance. He names himself the new rebel leader and proclaims that he will ride the Space Moth into the city with the koala hanging on his neck and raid it for food and supplies.

When he arrives in town, the first thing he does is sell the moth for a bag of gold. He then goes to a local pub to get a drink but a couple of alien guards come in and sticks a 'Wanted' sign with his face and the koala on it. The bartender notices this and reports it to the guards in the bar. Martin makes a run for it.

Martin makes a run for it and hides in a barrel, where he tells Martin 2 that he's running out of options and will need to abandon him. He throws Martin 2 out of the barrel to distract the surrounding officers, and when Martin learns that the koala is the officers’ primary target, he's totally relieved.

It turns out Martin 2 is really old and the leader of the rebels. Instead, Martin uses this opening to make his way to the king's treasure room, which is full of gold and jewels. He's overcome with pure glee when he sees the room in all its glory, and immediately starts hoarding as much as possible, telling himself that it's what Martin 2 would want him to do. And when he finds the moth in the treasure room, he believes that it's a gift from the Globs for his great acts of valor.

He breaks out of the King's treasure room and flies the moth to space with several pieces of gold in its mouth.


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  • Jake has neither appeared nor been mentioned since "You Forgot Your Floaties."
    • While Finn doesn't appear, Martin indirectly mentions him in reference to his similarities to Martin 2.
  • When Martin is escaping on top of the heads of the prisoners, one of them resembles Lumpy Space Princess, although with slightly different lumps and a triangular gem of power.

Episode connections[]

  • Martin has made his way to a new planet, one way or another, following his departure of earth in "The Visitor". He returns to space at the end of the episode, which leads up to the events of "The Comet" at the end of the season.

Cultural references[]

  • Many of the Koala Bear People in this episode look similar to the character, Impossibear, from Ward's web series, Bravest Warriors, without the mustache, the rainbow color, and a different face more, specifically the eyes.
  • The currency that Martin mentions first on the alien planet is "rupees."
  • Martin assumes that the civilization uses rupees as their currency - this is the currency used in real-life India, along with a few other countries.
  • Some features of city look similar to Mos Eisley of Star Wars.

Storyline analysis[]

  • At one point, Martin says to Martin 2 "I know you don't want to give me up, son, but if I stay with you, we both die. I'm not trying to abandon you, but we're running out of options here. If I'm going to heroically save your life then I'm gonna have to take a drastic action." This, of course, parallels Martin's abandonment of Finn when he was a baby. These paralells between Martin 2 and Finn are reinforced by their father-son relationship throughout the episode, along with Martin's comment on his ears looking like Finn's hat.
    • Martin's speech directly parallels the events of the later episode Min and Marty, where it is revealed that Martin abandoned Finn only to save both of their lives from the Island Guardian. The paralells hint that Martin may at least subconsciously remember more than he let on about Finn's abandoment and may even feel guilty about it.

Production notes[]

  • This is the fourth episode that aired during the second "AdventureBomb."



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