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Olive is a character appears in the episode "BMO". It is a silent, shape-shifting service droid and acts a multi-purpose sidekick of BMO to save the drift.


Olive is a sphere with a dull olive color and a thin stem. Surrounding it is an olive membrane, and in its center is a red-orange eye with a light yellow sclera.


Olive seems to be somewhat curious, and protective of BMO. 


Olive has the ability to scan robots, as seen when it scanned BMO's body. 


  • Olive’s design strongly resembles Plankton from the Spongebob Squarepants franchise.
  • She shares a number of characteristics with Jake.
    • She can shapeshift into multiple forms in a manner similar to Jake.
    • Both characters are of alien origin.
    • She befriends and helps Y5, a character with various similarities to Finn, and BMO.