The Old Wizards make their first appearance in the episode "Wizard." They are ultimate wizards that learned every lesson in Bufo's school of magic. They were all tricked into spending their whole lives channeling magic to stop a meteor which has been heading towards the Wizard Village for hundreds of years. When one of them comes to the end of his term, Bufo buries him alive. There are three of them, one of whom is named Jeremy. He was the oldest of the three, so he was replaced by Finn when he mastered all the lessons. In the end, they abandon their duty of stopping the meteor (two ultimate wizards was not enough, anyhow), but then use their magical powers to help Finn save the village. They later make a cameo in "Wizards Only, Fools."


The Old Wizards appear in the episode wearing the maroon-colored Wizard robes, with a large star on the front, indicating that they have mastered all of the Wizard lessons taught by Bufo.


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