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The Old Man Henchman is a humanoid character who appears in the episode "Henchman." Marceline claimed that he was her henchman for life (until Finn took his place), but later reveals that he is "just an old diving buddy." The Old Man Henchman is displeased with being Marceline's henchman, as she orders him to do humiliating and sometimes painful things such as falling down and crying. However, this is all a ruse to trick Finn.


Henchman looks like a normal old man, but with gray skin. He has flabby, wrinkled cheeks and sports a reddish-brown shirt, dark-brown pants, and a cane. He does not wear shoes. Henchman's eyes are dark blue, and he is one of the few characters with visible ears.


Can't you find the compassion to release this poor old body?

Okay, I don't want to cry, but I shall cry for you.