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This article is about Old Lady Princess in "When Wedding Bells Thaw" . You may be looking for Old Lady in "His Hero" or from The Enchiridion!

Old Lady Princess is meant to marry Ice King in the episode "When Wedding Bells Thaw." When Ice King tells Finn and Jake that he is getting married, she is seen riding in a wagon with a bunch of female penguins, who take her to her bachelorette party. She is cursed by an engagement ring given to her by the Ice King. The ring is spiky, magical, and made of ice, and it tricks her into thinking she is in love with Ice King. She is freed from the curse at the wedding when Jake takes off her engagement ring. Then, the Ice King accidentally marries Jake instead.

She makes her first reappearance in "Princess Day," as one of the participants in the event. This also reveals she is a registered princess.


Old Lady Princess is a short, wrinkly old woman. She has light-green skin and lavender hair. Her crown has a blue bow on it and is gold like most other princesses' crowns. She has large, shiny eyes while under the curse of the ring, but when she is freed, her eyes are very little and white. She also wears a dark purple dress with lace and light-blue trimming on the bottom and waist.


Cursed by the Ice King

Hey, cool guy!

I'm not crying, Finn. My tear sac is broken.

Actual self

The Ice King cursed me! You've gotta set me free. I would rather die than marry the Ice King.

You lousy, butt-faced pig! I hate you!

Thanks, man.


  • When Old Lady Princess says, "Thanks, man," after Jake saves her from falling (herself still inside her own eye), the bars in the eye she is trapped inside of change from ice bars (also seen in "Prisoners of Love") to prison bars.
  • It seems that Old Ladies are not humans, but actually a race of their own.
  • After the Ice King "marries" Jake, she is still seen with big eyes when Ice King is looking at Finn and Jake.
  • She was shown having five fingers.
  • According to CN Latin America, she secretly hides things under her wrinkles, and she plays bingo to pass the time.