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"Oh, Bubblegum" is sung in "I Remember You" by Ice King. The song was written by Rebecca Sugar with lyrics by Rebecca and Cole Sanchez.


Slime Princess, you're alright!
Flame Princess, you're okay.
Wildberry Princess could be better.
All of the princesses are pretty alright, but...
Oh, Bubblegum!
You look like a lot of fun!
I'm right outside!
And that is how I know.
Hey, princess, did you get my text,
With a picture of my awesome gun-show?
I'm also working on my pecs!
If you like, I'll send ya a picture of that, too.
Oh Bubblegum, I really need someone
Or anyone, pretty much anyone...
I'm so alone! Won't somebody tell me what's wrong with me!?
Anybody? Anybody? Anybody!
Anybody! Grod in the sky,
Please tell me why!


Simon before the war.png
  • Some of the lyrics to this song are scribbled on a newspaper clipping of Simon.
  • On the DVD for "Jake The Dad," the subtitles say "Gron" instead of "Grod."
  • Part of the lyrics were sung by Ice King at the end of the Adventure Time level "A Book and a Bad Guy" in LEGO Dimensions.
  • Three of the princesses mentioned, Slime Princess, Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum, are incarnations of the Slime, Fire and Candy Elementals respectively. It could possibly be an effect of the crown subconsciously giving him Evergreen's memories of being friends with those Elementals.
    • Wildberry Princess is described as "could be better" possibly due to her not being an Elemental.


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