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The Ogre made his first appearance in "The Enchiridion!" as the first trial for the Enchiridion. The Ogre swallows Jake whole, but has to shove him back in several times as Jake peeks out of his nose and ear. Finn, believing Jake to be dead, steals a giant one-dollar bill out of the Ogre's giant wallet and uses the dollar to glide through the air. He then rams into the Ogre's crotch, causing the Ogre to vomit a stream of yellow barf, freeing Jake. Finn then catches Jake with his legs and flies to safety, likely skipping many of the trials he would otherwise face to reach the Enchiridion. The Ogre cries to have his dollar back, so Finn folds the giant dollar into a paper airplane and sends it gliding back to the Ogre. He appears again in "Root Beer Guy" when he is tickled by Finn and Jake to spit out a few candy people.


The Ogre is a humanoid giant that has dull orange-colored skin and is very fat. He wears tattered, tight-fitting jeans with cows and pigs strapped to them and has what appears to be a deer tied to his arm with rope. Birds usually fly around him. Sparkle, from "BMO Lost," and the ogre look very similar to each other.


You cannot pass!

It is impossible for you to hurt me!

I think your dog finally fell into my stomach!

But I killed him already!

You're under arrest for stealing my dollar!