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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Ocean of Fear" from season 1, which aired on June 21, 2010.

The ocean
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Pat McHale: In the dark recesses of the mind, a disease known as FEAR feasts upon the souls of those who cannot overcome its power...
[Finn and Jake chase a Fire Newt to the ocean]
Finn: Come back, thief!
[The Fire Newt spews fire at Finn and Jake]
Jake: Whoa!
Fire Newt: Stop farting on me! It's gross!
Finn: You can't just go around stealing boots.
Jake: Yeah, and you know the penalty for stealing boots. It's poots... on newts.
Both: [Laugh]
[The Fire Newt wades into the ocean to avoid Finn and Jake]
Finn: He's getting away in that lake!
Jake: Dude, that isn't a lake. That's an ocean.
[Jake stretches and heads towards the ocean, a poot following behind, barking]
Finn: [Laughs and runs after Jake] Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! ...Huh?
[The hue of the ocean and sky changes to red and ominous music plays as a wave crashes]
[Finn backs away from the water as it washes onto land]
Finn: Uhh...
Jake: [Laughing and farting on the Newt] Poots on newts! Poots on newts!
Fire Newt: No!
Jake: [Slow-motion] Poots on newts!
Finn: [laughs and starts removing his shoes] I'm coming, Jake. I'll poot on that newt as soon as I'm barefoot. Uh...
[The ocean turns a red hue again and ominous music plays as a wave crashes]
[Finn gasps and rapidly crawls away from the water]
Finn: [Breaths heavily, his stomach rumbles] Ow! Why is my stomach going nuts?
[A black smoke rises out of Finn's navel]
Finn: Ow!
[The smoke forms into a face and laughs]
Finn: Wh-wh-wh-Who are you?
Fear Feaster: I am the manifestation of your fear... fear of the ocean!
Finn: What? I'm not afraid of lakes, wells, or rivers, streams, or deep wells or puddles. Why would I be afraid of- [Screams and backs away from the water]
Fear Feaster: [Laughs] 'Cause you're a wuss.
Finn: I'm no wuss! I'm the hero around these parts!
Fear Feaster: Ha! You're too scared of the ocean to ever be a true hero.
Finn: Not true! I'm not scared of nothin'!
[Finn charges towards the ocean, screaming, but stops when he sees a wave crash]
Finn: [Shakes his head and takes a deep breath] I shall conquer my fear.
Fear Feaster: Yeah, right.
Finn: No! I will. I'll conquer my fear.
Fear Feaster: Of course you will, [Receding back into Finn's navel] and I live in a two bedroom apartment that doesn't smell like vomit [Laughs] ...Sarcasm.

 [Jake comes onscreen, panting, and shrinks back to normal when he reaches Finn] 

Jake: Dude. Dude, did you see me? I was all like womp, and then I was all like take this! Womp! Womp! And then... Hey, what’s wrong with you, dude?
Finn: Jake. I think I'm afraid... of the ocean.
Jake: Say what, now?
Finn: I need your help to overcome my fear. Will you do it?
Jake: Um... No... I don't really wanna do it.
Finn: Jake! Come on!
Jake: I'm just messing with you. I'll do it. Hmm... Where to start? Oh, ok. I think we should just take a few steps in the water. You can hold Jake's hand if you're scared.
[Jake grabs Finn's hand and starts walking towards the water, but Finn doesn't walk and falls over]
Jake: Um... Oh it's ok, dude. I see the problem. It's just your feet.
[Jake walks over to Finn's feet and takes his shoes off]
Jake: [Manually moving Finn's feet forward one at a time] Boop. Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Beep. Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop.
Finn: Don't be scared. I shall not be scared.
Jake: [Still moving Finn's feet] Boop. Boop.
[The water touches Finn's feet]
Finn: I'm afraid! Ah! [Jumps on top of Jake and starts punching him] Jake, get me out of the water! Now, Jake! Now! Now!
[Jake inflates his head and walks Finn back to shore]
Jake: Hot jam! You're really scared of the ocean. In fact, you're so scared... it gives me an idea. Let's start a business of being scared of the ocean!
Finn: Jake!
Jake: Ok. Ok. I have a plan to get rid of your fear. We'll start tomorrow morning.
Finn: But I must conquer this now! [Runs towards the ocean screaming] I'm not afraid of you!
[Multiple waves crash directly in front of Finn in rapid succession and a single droplet hits Finn's face]
Finn: [reels back in slow-motion and screams] No!
Finn: [Running backwards] I'm afraid of you! I'm afraid of you! [Screams]
Finn: [Exhaustedly crawls to Jake's feet] Ok, yeah. Let's try tomorrow.
[The scene changes to Finn and Jake's bedroom where Jake is sitting on top of a sleeping Finn]
Jake: Fiiiinn. Finn. Hey, Finn. Wake up.
Finn: [Opens his eyes] Morning, Jake.
Jake: Ready for me to help you get over your ocean fear?
Finn: Yeah, man.
Jake: Cool... but I can only do this if you ask me.
Finn: I'm askin'!
Jake: Then get ready for my three-step plan. Watch your troubles melt away with step one!
[Jake punches the bedroom wall and the entire structure breaks apart, leaving Finn and Jake floating on Finn's bed in the middle of the ocean]
Finn: [Screams] Jake, are you crazy? This is not an OK thing to do!
Jake: Hey. Hey. Come on. The ocean is your friend, and you got friends all around you right now. Miles and miles of friends.
Finn: You're nuts. [Wriggles from side to side]
Jake: Don't try to struggle, man. [Pulls the blankets back, revealing that Finn is tied to the bed] I'll let you out in a second. You just need to calm down.
Finn: Really? Ok. I'm calming down.
Jake: That's great. You're doing great. Ready for step two?
Finn: [Breathing heavily] Yeah, man. I can do it.
Jake: Alright, dude. Step... two! [Unties the rope]
[The bed collapses and falls into the ocean, leaving Finn floating inside his sleeping bag and Jake on top of him]
Finn: [Screams] Jake, this isn't a joke! It's touching me!
Jake: Let it hold you, man! Let it hold you like a child!
Finn: [Heart pounding] I'm trying to let it hold me.
Jake: Control your breathing!
Finn: [Breathes in and out] This isn't working!
Jake: That means we gotta move to step three. Just don't scream.
Finn: W-what?
Jake: I'm gonna push you underwater with my jowls. Just don't scream. Don't scream.
[Jake pushes Finn's head underwater]
Finn: What?!
Jake: Don't scream. Hold your breath, Finn. You got it, dude!
[Finn screams and bursts out of his sleeping bag, sending Jake flying into the water]
[Finn jumps onto Jake's head and starts pounding on him]
Finn: Get me away, Jake! Now, Jake! Now! Right now! Get-Get me away! [Screams]
Jake: Finn! Stop it, Finn! Ow!
[Finn grabs Jake's ears and stretches them until they catch wind and carry both Finn and Jake to an island of pre-war ruins]
Finn: [Laughs] I'm safe! I'm safe! How'd I do?
Jake: I think we should give up.
Finn: What? I made it all the way to level three.
Jake: Look, Finn. It's not that I don't want to help you... I just don't wanna get beat up anymore. I mean this [Pointing to his face] is my bread and butter. I can't have you messing up my bread and butter, dude.
Finn: You have to help me. I can't do this without you.
Jake: Ok. Fine... but only if you swear not to hit me anymore.
Finn: I swear I won't hit you anymore.
Jake: And also swear to only speak in rhymes. Speak in rhymes all the times.
Finn: I swear... and pigs have hair.
Jake: Yes. Perfect. And since you want more... it's time for step four.
Finn: What? I thought you said it was a three step plan... man.
Jake: I'm not that good at counting. [Laughs and grabs a small, rusty submarine] Come on. Let's go kick your fear of the ocean where the sun don't shine... in the sea cucumber.
[The scene changes to underwater where Finn and Jake are heading to the ocean floor in the submarine]
Jake: Check it, dude. One hundred percent awesome-itude.
Finn: [Eyes closed, breathes heavily and shivers] Yeah. It's pretty math... you psychopath.
Jake: You know, it looks way more math if you open up your eyes.
Finn: [Opens his eyes] Whoa...
Jake: See, man? The ocean is beautiful. There's no reason to be afraid of things that are beautiful.
Finn: Hey. This isn't that bad. I'm actually glad.
Jake: [Points] Hey, look! A black abyss! Let's go check it out... sauerkraut.
Finn: No, Jake! Turn around! Turn around!
[Finn sees the Fear Feaster's face appear in front of the abyss]
Finn: Noooo!
Jake: Saying, "Turn around" twice doesn't count as a rhyme, dude.
[Finn pushes Jake away from the submarine controls]
Jake: Hey, you swore!
[Finn pummels Jake]
Jake: Ow! My bread and butter!
[Finn grabs the controls and jerks them violently]
Jake: No, dude! Don't!
[The submarine moves wildly and launches torpedoes, one of which hits a building]
[The building topples and hits the submarine, causing it to start filling up with water]
Jake: Don't worry, dude. Everything's cool. This is the perfect segue into level five. [Handing Finn a dive suit] Here, put this on.
[Finn starts putting on the suit]
Jake: Just make sure you don't pull the emergency tab.
[Finn pulls the emergency tab]
Jake: No, dude! I said don't...
[Finn's suit expands rapidly and knocks Jake back, hitting his head against a valve and knocking him out]
[Finn floats to the surface and watches Jake descend into the abyss along with the broken submarine]
Finn: Jake? Jaaaaaake!
[Finn reaches the surface and jumps onto a buoy]
Finn: Jake!
Fear Feaster: [Laughs] Pathetic! You can't even overcome your fear now that your friend is about to die! Your un-heroic body will never let you save Jake. [Laughs]
Finn: [Sadly] You're right.
Fear Feaster: What? Really? You think I'm right? Well, that's... that's great!
Finn: [Holding a wrench] If my body won't let me rescue my best friend, then there's only one thing left to do.
[Finn removes his helmet, hits himself on the head with the wrench and falls into the ocean]
Fear Feaster: No. Wait. No! Noooo!
[Finn lands on the ocean floor and wakes up next to Jake]
[Jake groans]
Finn: Jake! Jake! Wake up!
[Jake opens his eyes]
Finn: You ok, dude?
Jake: Yeah, man. Wait... Finn, you did it! You conquered your fear!
Finn: What?
Jake: You're at the bottom of the ocean!
[Finn screams and tries to pull his emergency tab, but nothing happens]
Jake: Maybe we should celebrate on land.
[Jake grabs Finn and pulls his own emergency tab, so they both float to the surface]
[Finn and Jake run onto the beach and fall backwards]
Jake: I'm proud of you man. You did it!
Finn: Thanks, dude.
[Fear Feaster comes out of Finn's navel]
Fear Feaster: You've nothing to be proud of, boy! You will never get of your fear of the ocean!
Jake: Whoa, dude! What's with your bellybutton?
Finn: [To Fear Feaster] What the flip, man? I just swam to the bottom!
Fear Feaster: No you didn't, cheater! You just sank to the bottom. You will never be a great hero.
Finn: He's right. I'll never be a hero.
[Finn's stomach rumbles and a black-smoke limousine comes out of him and parks nearby]
[The limousine’s windows roll down and Three Wise Men come out]
Wise Man 1: Finn, you are wrong. The mark of a great hero is his flaw.
Fear Feaster: You know nothing, Wise Men!
Wise Man 1: Silence, Fear Feaster! We know a lot!
Finn: Wait... Why did you wait so long to tell me?
Wise Man 1: Because the limo driver's flaw is being late!
Limo Driver: Sorry. [rolls up window]
Wise Man 1: Farewell, Finn. You truly are the greatest hero of Ooo.
[The Wise Men go back inside the limo and then the limo drives back into Finn]
Finn: It's time for you to go away, Fear Feaster!
Fear Feaster: What? Am I supposed to live in your tummy for the rest of my life?
Finn: Everybody has a flaw... and it looks like yours is smelling like my nasty guts.
[Fear Feaster heads back into Finn's stomach]
Fear Feaster: [Sarcastically] Wonderful...
Pat McHale: And so fear is forced deep within the soul of a hero. Conquered... at least, for now... [Maniacal laugh]
[The episode ends]