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"Ocarina" is the twelfth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and sixty-eighth episode overall.


In order to try to bring responsibility to his dad, Kim Kil Whan buys the deed to the Tree Fort and forces him and Finn to abide by his rules and learn about his problems.


The episode opens to find that it's the rainicorn pups' birthday, and they're waiting for their dad to show up with food. Jake shows up without presents and a small portion of "macaroni salad". Kim Kil Whan tells his father they have new business to discuss; this later unfolds to be that he has bought the deed to their tree fort. He takes them there to see their stash of money but there's nothing due to the events of "Furniture & Meat." They are only able to pay for the ladder with some vintage photos. Night comes, and people have moved into the house to Finn and Jake's dislike. Finn tries to adapt to his new surroundings but fails when stepped on. He proceeds to the bathroom to wash off the footprint to be arrested for entering someone else's room. They are bailed by Kim Kil Whan and taxed accordingly. This sparks a conversation between Jake and Finn about getting jobs, which triggers Jake to remember he hid some treasure, a Golden Bone, in the front yard. They then dig this up only to have Kim Kil Whan take it, telling them it was dug up on his property. They then decide Kim Kil Whan must be in some trouble and need their money to solve it. They link it to mob problems and follow Kim Kil Whan to his home in a forest. They see that it is a massive home that shows them he is actually indeed rich. So they attract his attention with stones, and when he comes, Jake presents him with his love and a present. This present turns out to be an ocarina that isn't hollow or even usable, but Kim Kil Whan accepts the gift and trades it for the deed to the house. Kim Kil Whan then proceeds to enter his house to be comforted by his wife. He talks to his wife about the fact he only wanted his dad to realize the real world and to stop acting like a child but then accepts that's his life choice and that "he's good."


Main characters[]

Minor characters[]


  • This is the first time that Viola and Kim Kil Whan speak English.
  • This is the first appearance of Lady Rainicorn and Marceline in season six.
  • It seems that Kim Kil Whan has a wife, along with a daughter, as seen in a picture frame.
  • As of this episode, Charlie is now the only one of Jake's kids who has not spoken.
  • At the Candy Kingdom police station, a wanted poster of King of Ooo is seen. Later, when Finn and Jake throw pebbles to get Kim Kil Whan to get his attention, a small sculpture of King of Ooo can be seen.
  • Also at the police station, the sign above the bench Finn and Jake are sitting on reads POLIZEI, which is German for "police".
  • Two frogs can be seen among the crowd entering the Tree Fort who resemble Bufo.
  • The father bird whose five chicks fall out of the nest while he reads a newspaper seems to be symbolic of how Jake often neglected his own children.

Episode connections[]

  • T.V. says that he has only met his dad twice (although it was actually three times). The first time (after his birth) was in "Jake the Dad", second in "Jake Suit", and third in "Apple Wedding".
  • Jake mentions that he spent all of his treasure, as he did so in "Furniture & Meat".
  • The Fairy seen when Finn and Jake are walking to Kim Kil Whan's house, resembles the fairy from "Rainy Day Daydream".
  • Kim Kil Whan receives the deed to the Tree Fort in a trade with Marceline, it is seen she is the true owner in the episode "Evicted!" but she lets Finn and Jake "keep it as a gift" from her.
  • Finn is wearing his new pajamas for the first time since their debut in "The Vault".
  • In the crowd that is touring the Tree Fort, Taddle from "The Other Tarts" can be seen. It is unknown what happened to his companions, Grimby and JJ.
  • The mudscamps reappear from "The Hard Easy" and "Bad Timing".

Cultural references[]

  • The two pictures Jake picks up from the floor of the Tree House is a reference to photographs of the first mechanical bicycle ever built.
  • A bird that is seen moving into the Tree Fort is wearing a shirt similar to the one that the Peanuts character Charlie Brown wears.
  • T.V. references noobs, a slang term referring to players that have just started out in a video game.
  • The line "Gee but it's great to be back home" spoken by one of the renters, is likely a reference to the Simon and Garfunkle song "Keep The Customer Satisfied".
  • In the opening scene the baby birds and the blue daddy bird was from "The Powerpuff Girls: A Very Special Blossom" in the end but he only had 5 baby birds instead of 3 baby birds.
  • Finn and Jake renting/sleeping on the ladder may be a reference to Soylent Green, a 1973 eco-dystopian movie, in which many people sleep on staircases due to overpopulation and poverty in NYC.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Exactly one year has passed from the events of "Jake the Dad".

Production notes[]

  • According to concept art for the title card, this episode's working title was "The Ocarina".
    • According to the storyboard, another working title was "The Life of a Child".
  • During the opening scene, Charlie was to have a small speaking role, but this was cut in the final episode, likely because of time or because a voice actress couldn't be found.
  • At the end of the episode, Bronwyn was originally going to have a speaking role.[1]


Error 2

Error (Arms go through pebbles and chair)

  • When Finn and Jake throw pebbles through the glass to get Kim Kil Whan's attention, some of the pebbles drop at the side of his chair. When he gets up, his arms look like they go through the pebbles and the side of the chair.



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