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The Obstacle Course was built by Finn and some Candy Kid in "Goliad." It was built so that Goliad can practice her leadership by helping the Candy Children go through it. But Goliad had heard Jake screaming at the Candy Children and decided to do the same, only making matters worse. After being told that he can't yell at the Candy Children, Goliad then forces Finn through the course with telekinesis.


The Obstacle Course is mostly made of wood and appears to be frail, as it is only supported by thin wood rods. The first part of the obstacle is the inclined plane, where the children should climb up, some ropes for them to swing at, swinging bags they need to avoid as they run through a thin pole, a long inclined wooden plane full of rocks used for artificial climbing, and a bell which they ring in order to complete the course.


  • The obstacle course appears to be difficult, as the Candy Children barely finished the course. However, this may be due to Goliad's inefficient and terrifying leadership.