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"Obsidian" is the second episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands.


Marceline and Princess Bubblegum journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom, and deep into their tumultuous past, to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe.[1]




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  • This song was nominated for the 2021 Daytime Emmy Awards for the categories "Best Spacial Class Animated Program" and "Best Writing Team For A Daytime Animated Program."[2]
  • Olivia Olson expressed that she felt Princess Bubblegum and Marceline had to talk about their relationship and see how it would move forward, which will be discussed in the special "Obsidian".[3]
  • Adam Muto says the title "Obsidian" is a metaphor, as it is the most powerful fusion, and also has to do in the Glass Kingdom. What they want is to focus on Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's relationship.[3]
    • The conversation that follows this, however, shows that when Adam Muto made the comment about obsidian being the strongest fusion, he may have been making a reference to the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, in which Michaela Dietz is well known for playing one of the main characters.[3]
  • "Glassboy" was originally a temporary name, but it stuck and they never ended up changing it.
  • As stated by Adam Muto, "Obsidian" takes place a "few years" into the relationship of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, implying that it takes place not that long after the events of "Come Along With Me", the Adventure Time series finale. However, the exact amount of time remains ambiguous.[3]
  • Some of the characters are seen wearing things that reference their pet/best friend:

Episode Connections

  • Princess Bubblegum repeatedly uses the word "Egress", as she does in "The Hall of Egress".
  • The omnichord from "I Remember You" is seen again when Simon is performing "Remember You".
  • In a flashback, Marceline is seen giving Princess Bubblegum her Rock T-shirt from "What Was Missing".
  • An aged up version of Finn appeared near the end of this episode. A younger version of Finn showed up in the previous Distant Lands special, "BMO".
  • The side of Marceline's fridge bears a photo booth strip depicting images of herself and Princess Bubblegum. These pictures make their first appearance in the episode "Ketchup".

Cultural References

  • The scorpion bears a cap which contains the Cool S, also known as a "Stussy S"
  • The motorcycle which Elise was seen repairing was a 2000 Honda CB600F.
  • Glassboy mentions that he enjoys reading Manga, a popular form of Japanese comic publication.
  • The RV featured at the end resembles a modified 1977 RAF 2203 "Latviya" Minibus.
  • In the bunker, when Marceline sings "Red Light", the cockroach that stood atop the pork and beans could be a possible reference to the film Wall-E.

Storyline Analysis

  • This episode fully reveals how and why Marceline and Princess Bubblegum broke up before the events of the series. It also reveals that Marceline gave Princess Bubblegum her Rock T-shirt at one of her concerts and the reason Princess Bubblegum likes smelling it is because Marceline was sweating in it when she gave it to her.
  • As stated by Adam Muto, "Obsidian" takes place a "few years" into the relationship of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, implying that it takes place not that long after the events of "Come Along With Me", the Adventure Time series finale. While the exact amount of time remains ambiguous,[3] Finn has aged considerably since "Come Along With Me", where he was seventeen. Finn is now slightly taller, his hair has darkened from a golden-yellow blonde to a dirty-dark blonde, and he has facial hair, implying that a considerable number of years have passed. Though Finn does come to help, he appears to now take a more relaxed approach to living.
    • However, Simon Petrikov does not appear to have aged since "Come Along With Me". It is possible but unconfirmed if that's related to Betty's ambiguous wish in "Come Along With Me" to keep Simon "safe".
  • It is revealed in the flashbacks that Marceline's mother Elise did in fact survive the Mushroom War. Following the apocalypse, she and Marceline continued to live in a trailer in the desert (previously seen in "Everything Stays"). Elise came down with an illness (possibly radiation poisoning) and began to cough up blood, which eventually led to her death.
  • Jake's fate is unclear as he is not seen with Finn at the end of the episode, with Bronwyn appearing seemingly in his place. Notably, the flowers in his tattoo of Jake resemble Forget-Me-Nots, leading some fans to speculate Jake has passed away. He is confirmed dead by the time Finn is elderly in "Together Again" though it is unclear whether Jake has already passed away at this point in time.



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