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This article is about the nut creatures from "Evicted!" You may be looking for Peanut People or Nut People.

The Nut Creatures are small creatures that first appear in "Evicted!" They take the form of ordinary nuts, but when crushed they become little colorful creatures resembling various animals and things. Marceline shows them to Finn and Jake when telling them of her travels in the Land of Ooo. One that looks like a green squid squirts ink on Finn, but he doesn't mind and seems to like the Nut Creatures. Jake didn't pay much attention to them due to the fact that he was scared out of his mind because of Marceline's presence.


The five nut creatures look nothing alike aside from the fact that they are each predominantly a single solid color and have a small star somewhere on their body. The stars are all yellow, save for the one on the octopus, which is blue.

Red Yellow Green Blue Purple

The red one resembles a horse, the yellow one resembles a star, the green one resembles a squid, the blue resembles a llama, and the final one has a tiny pink body inside a purple box like a TV. The TV part has four legs that can move, so they are probably part of its body as well.


  • When Finn and Jake start house hunting, something resembling the pink Nut Creature pops out from behind the open door of a house with a giant bearded man.
  • Marceline's phone (in its condensed form) looks very similar to the green Nut Creature.