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Nothung is the sword that Billy uses. In "His Hero," Finn and Jake found the sword and used it as a lever to open Billy's legendary crack, where he lives. 

In "I Am a Sword" it seen among Finn's weapons implying he had taken possession of it following Billy's death.


The name "Nothung" (Modern German Notung = "Child of Need") comes from Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, in which it is the sword of the hero Siegfried. The name was invented by Wagner, replacing the names for the hero's sword found in Wagner's sources, the Norse Edda and Völsungasaga (Gram = "wrath") and in the medieval German Nibelungenlied (Balmung = "destruction").


It has a sharp steel blade with symbols in the base. The oval-shaped cross-guard is golden with a turquoise jewel. The grip is covered by a leather strip and the pommel has a little skull with a red line that swirls on its forehead. Billy has the ability to call it by shouting its name.