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2021 Music Hole Award Nomination
SilverMusic.png This article was nominated in the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It was nominated for the following category: Best Short Song. However, it didn't win.

"Not Just Your Little Girl" is a song Marceline sings in the episode "Daddy's Little Monster." It is accompanied by Marceline playing her banjolele and Finn playing a tambourine.

The same, but slower, melody also appear in the song "Monster" in the episode of Adventure Time: Distant Lands: "Obsidian"


I know you just wanna give your little girl the world
But, daddy, I'm not just your little girl
I got my own life
I got my own plans
I hope you understand
And like the way that I am
'Cause I want your respect, and I wanna be here
But I don't want to rule the Nightosphere.


I know you just wanna
G7                        C
Give your little girl the world.
              Em            G7     C
But daddy I'm not just your little girl.
                Cm                    G
I've got my own life, I've got my own plans.
                G7                            C
I hope you understand and like the way that I am.
                     Cm                   G
'Cause I want your respect and I wanna be here!
      Em          C        Cm     G
But I don't wanna rule the Nighto-Sphere...

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