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"No One Can Hear You" is the fifteenth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the sixty-seventh episode overall.


Finn and Jake stop an unearthly stag when Finn finds that his legs are broken, Jake has gone crazy, and all the Candy People are missing.


A hart is causing trouble in the Candy Kingdom by licking the Candy People's faces. Finn and Jake try to get rid of him, but he throws Jake off and kicks him in the head. Then, he breaks Finn's legs and knocks him out.

Finn wakes up in a hospital room and tries to get Dr. Ice Cream's attention. Not getting a reply from anyone, he gets up and sits on a wheelchair next to his bed.

He goes out for a stroll in the Candy Kingdom but cannot find anyone. He then finds Jake digging for food in a dumpster, occasionally reaching for a bandage on his head and saying "Ouchies," suggesting that he suffered a head injury. Jake explains that there is no one in the kingdom because he is waiting for the candy people to throw him a surprise party, stating that it is his birthday. At first, Finn believes this, shouting to the town, "I sure don't expect anyone to jump out at me!"

Jake takes Finn back to his makeshift house, telling him to collect wood for a fire for hobo's. He agrees and starts to wander around. Raising his arms, he realizes that he has bad body odor. Wheeling over to a fountain, he removes his hat and shirt and bathes in the fountain.

Finn wonders where everyone is, but Jake gets worried because he does not want Finn to look for everyone and "ruin the surprise." After that, the hart comes along, and Finn yells at him. He simply ignores this and gallops away. Finn hears noises coming from a nearby sewer, thinking that they sound like the Candy People. Finn tells Jake about this, but Jake just tells him to give them more time for the surprise.

Finn becomes a little frustrated about waiting all day for the alleged surprise party. Jake claims he has been waiting six months for people to come out, and bugs crawl out of his ears while he says this. Finn realizes that Jake has become insane, and that they are not friends anymore. Finn then attempts to make a daring escape for the sewer, but the vicious Jake stops him and destroys his wheelchair.

Finn wakes up again, tied up to a post. Jake has several puppets out. He plays with them, saying "Happy Birthday, Jake!" Finn tricks Jake into letting him free, claiming that he will not run away from him. As soon as he is free, Finn tells Jake that he has a surprise for Jake, which he must close his eyes first. Immediately, Finn makes a run for the sewer. Jake tries to get him right on his tail, after realizing that Finn was lying to him.

Finn goes down into the sewer and falls into the water in it. He swims out and runs through a passage until he finds a strange-looking door. He opens the door and finds the Candy People there stuck to the walls with an orange substance. Jake soon finds him in the sewer, becoming excited to see all of the Candy People, since he thinks that it is his birthday party. Finn tells him to stop acting crazy and punches him.

This causes Jake to go back to normal. Finn explains that Jake trapped the Candy People down there for his own "birthday fantasy." Jake takes Peppermint Butler off the wall and apologizes to him. Peppermint Butler tells Jake that it was not he who trapped the Candy People and points to the hart standing behind them, saying that he did it.

The hart walks up to them, stands on his hind legs, and removes his front hooves, revealing his hands. Finn tries to attack him while Jake frees the Candy People. Jake climbs up to free more Candy People and is right above Finn and the hart. He unties the strings that are tying the bricks to his feet, which fall on the hart, knocking him out. Finn and Princess Bubblegum push the hart into the sewer drain, where he is washed away by the current.

Princess Bubblegum explains that the deer wanted their "sugar" and winks at Finn. Finn frowns and says "Boy, it stinks down here." They all proceed to go and take a bath. Jake carries everyone, and they float away on the balloons tied around Jake, holding on to each other by their legs. The episode ends with a Candy Person saying "I wanna get clean!"


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  • Finn is seen bathing for the first time, contradicting his statement about not bathing in "Too Young."
  • Gingerbread Muto appears at the beginning near one of the houses at the right side when Finn and Jake are chasing the Stag.
  • When Finn looks into the sewer the first time, the manhole reads CKPW (presumably meaning: "Candy Kingdom Public Works") and has a picture of a cupcake.
  • The title card music for "Five Short Graybles" plays toward the end of the episode, after the Stag washes down into the sewers.
  • This episode is often considered the scariest episode of Adventure Time by fans.

Cultural references[]

  • The episode's title may be a reference to the tagline for the 1979 movie Alien, which was "In space, no one can hear you scream."
    • Another reference to Alien is when Finn goes to the sewer and discovers that the Candy People are stuck on the walls by a kind of goo, much like what the Xenomorph do to their victims.
  • The title card resembles the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch.
  • When Finn runs away from Jake and his leg casts break is very similar to a scene from Forrest Gump where Forrest loses the braces on his legs as a kid.
  • In Jake's tent is a picture of him and Finn that somewhat resembles characters drawn by artist Keith Haring.
  • Finn waking up after a medical procedure only to find the Candy Kingdom empty and abandoned is similar to what happens to Cillian Murphy's character at the beginning of the movie 28 Days Later.
  • The lettering on the title cards is similar to that of Saul Bass's work, better-known for making the title sequences and poster for many Alfred Hitchcock films.
  • In Jake's tent there is a comic book called, "Man Man," which closely resembles the Batman comics.
  • Continuing with the horror references, the fact that Stag's lair is down in the sewer (where he meets his demise), the imagery of the balloons Jake wears, and the haunting snippets of carnival music that play may be references to the story It by Stephen King.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Finn would have died if left in a coma unattended for more than a few days.
    • However, there is a theory that each citizen in the Candy Kingdom was kidnapped one by one by the Stag within the 6 months time span-meaning that for every Candy Person that was kidnapped, there was still one to take care of Finn while he was in a coma, until the Stag kidnapped them. This could mean that Finn recovered shortly after the last Candy Person who took care of him (as well as the last one to go missing) was kidnapped by the Stag.
  • Jake says that Finn had been in a coma for six months. However, Jake's head injury may have made him say a falsehood.
    • This is supported by the fact that Finn says his legs are "still broken," despite him being shown to have extraordinary healing rates in other episodes. After six months, even a normal person's legs would be healed, but would have atrophied. However, it's also possible that his remark about his legs still being "broken" was a joke, considering he was laughing after saying so and Jake laughed with him.


  • When the comic Jake kept in the box is first seen, it says "Manly Man," but it says "Man Man" in its second appearance.
  • Finn shouldn't have taken a shower in the fountain while in his cast, because casts aren't allowed to get wet.
  • All the beds in the hospital have a sign to write names on at first, but the one with Finn's name and others disappear during Finn's stay.
  • When Finn punches Jake, he lands next to a wrench and a toolbox, which is not seen again.
  • When Jake regains consciousness, he is not behind a door, while in the next frame, he is.
  • During the zoom out where Finn tells Jake he imprisoned the candy people, Peppermint Butler is not covered in saliva, and Princess Bubblegum disappears from where she was first seen. When Jake reaches out to free Peppermint Butler, he is covered in saliva again.
  • In the final scene, Peppermint Butler and other candy people are not seen flying while hanging from each other's legs.
  • It appears the number of candy people Finn first sees does not match the rescued ones.
  • When Finn goes back to the tent to tell Jake that he heard candy people in the sewers, the knife Jake keeps in the box next to the mattress is no longer there.
  • When Jake reveals he has been waiting for six months and bugs start to crawl on him, his cape is gone. It reappears as Finn starts to move away from the tent.
  • When Finn "pops his top", his nipples are visible. However, when he walks into the fountain to bathe, they are gone.
  • When the stag is hit with cinder blocks his fingers are shown. As the candy people roll him to the drain he has his hooves back on (and while spiraling down the drain).



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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