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This article is about the ninja book from Adventure Time. You may be looking for another ninja book from another show similar to it.

Ninjas of the Ice: The Art of Fridjitzu is a text that is kept inside a secret sanctum inside the Ice King's castle. Ice King owns the first edition. It is a manual that teaches several ice or any kind of snow based attacks, most used to create hand weapons from ice.

List of techniques

  • Numb-Chucks: Nunchaku consisting of solid ice.
  • Dagger of Chilled Glass: A frozen short pointed knife, made of ice.
  • Stars of Frozen Rain: Small shuriken made of aerodynamic ice shaped like snowflakes.
  • Kunai Attack: (The action of throwing kunai) which are composed of ice. The user does not create them.
  • Icicle Kick: Reflects a barrage of icicles back at the attacker by kicking them.
  • Force of Blizzard: Launches a powerful blast of snow (from the palms).
  • Flying Jump: The act of performing an acrobatic airborne leap.
  • Caltrop Hail Storm: Fires small six-point spiked projectiles at one's target.
  • Fake Jakes: Illusion duplicates of one's self (in this case, Jake).
  • Arrow of Ice: Summons an arrow made of ice (but it is up to the user of how it is fired).
  • Snowblind: To temporarily vanish with a spontaneous burst of snow.
  • Thin Ice: Temporarily becomes two-dimensional, which lets the user hide in a sideways stance.
  • Icy Breath: Makes the user breathe a force of ice.
  • Iceberg Blade: A sword made from ice and frost.
  • Ice Sansetsukon: A large 3 headed nunchuck connect together (Used by Ice King).
  • Ice Kusarigama: A Scythe link with a chain(used by Jake).
  • Force Of Chilling Acid: Shooting acid frosting drops to the enemy to melt them.
  • Switcher Fields: Help the user creating ice spikes holes.
  • Ice Key: Opens any door with the key.
  • Ice Booster: Boost the jump of the user by a cloud of snow.
  • Snow Style: Hidden in the Ground!: Makes Finn melt down to the ground to move down ,see the enemy to jumping up with spikes.
  • Ice Style: Blizzard Snowball!: Jakes use this move to stop the Ice King gets up to his castle.
  • Ice Style: Mace Hand!: Finn master this technique from Ice Ninja manual.
  • Ice Style: Scythe Mode
  • Ice Style: Handaxe Mode
  • Ice Style: Marksmen's Mode
  • Ice Style: Launcher/Catapult/ Gold Dagger Mode


  • Ginormo-Grow
  • Ice Sword and Ice Shield
  • Snow Beard
  • Snow Blow
  • Ice Lightning
  • Releasing Snowmen
  • Freeze


  • The characters (氷忍者) on the manual literally mean "ice ninja" in Japanese.
  • The entire concept of "fridjitzu" is most likely a reference to Naruto, specifically Haku's Ice Style ninjutsu.
  • Despite Ice King needing the crown to give him power over ice, it would appear anyone who learns these moves can create ice, such as Finn and Jake after studying it.
  • When asked whether Finn and Jake will use ice ninja powers in future episodes following "The Chamber of Frozen Blades," writer Adam Muto responded "Not likely. They didn't have enough time to commit the incantations and hand positions to memory."[1]
  • Jake was holding an ice kusarigama (a weapon with consisting of a sickle attached a chain with a weight on the other end) and Finn is holding a large ice shuriken and sword when the Ice King discovers them.
  • The word "Fridjitzu" is a portmanteau of "Frigid" and "Ninjitsu."
  • The "Thin Ice" ninja move may be a slight allusion and possible inspiration for the Wall Merging power in the 2013 video game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • It seems to have some resemblance to Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," an ancient book of different war strategies.



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