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"Nihilism Funnies" is a comic strip seen in the episode "Friends Forever".


There are eight panels shown, and they depict humorous depictions of the philosophical views of "Nihilism". The word "Nihilism" is in all capital letters. It is in large, yellow, bubble letters. The word "funnies" is also in all capital letters, except it is in smaller black text.

  • The first panel depicts a red-haired woman in a green dress saying, "I am an empty shell".
  • The second panel shows a green gravestone in the rain.
  • The third panel shows a butterfly flying in the sunlight.
  • The fourth panel shows a man staring at the butterfly, and a burning green house. He is saying, "Every man dies alone".
  • The fifth panel shows a girl in the dirt with a flower saying, "What makes me different?"
  • The sixth panel shows a bone and some veins, with the text, "I am bone and spit and muscle and artery".
  • The seventh panel shows a red god and the text, "Slowly being pulverized by weather and time".
  • The eighth panel shows a red cat with sunglasses and a shirt, with the text, "The weight of a thousand cities crushing down on you, your hopes, your will, your children".