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The Nice Castle was a giant sand castle built by the Ice King disguised as the Nice King. It was built out of the sand in the park. It appears in the episode, "Loyalty to the King."


Nice Castle Side View.png

The castle's exterior appears to look like a stereotypical, old-timey castle. It has several pillars and cone-shaped roofs. The walls are made out of bricks of sand. Various small windows can be seen all throughout the castle. A cage, previously a price of playground equipment, was poking out of the side of the castle. It was used to keep the princesses inside of, and was referred to a "Waiting Room."


Nice Castle Interior One.png

While the exterior appeared to be somewhat detailed, the interior was very barren and empty. There was no furniture and the only decorations the light the entire castle appeared to be two photos hung on either side to the entrance of the main part of the castle.


  • It is unknown where the photos that were hung on either side of the entrance door came from, as Ice King revealed that he could not leave the castle.
  • The fate of the castle is unknown, as we do not see it become deconstructed even after the Nice King was revealed to be the Ice King.