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New Death was the son of the Cosmic Entities Death and Life, and the former ruler of the Land of the Dead and the Dead Worlds, after Death. He appears in "Together Again", initially serving as the episode's main antagonist until it was revealed he was manipulated by the Lich into usurping Death, and tried to stop reincarnation as part of the Lich's quest to end all life.


Before becoming the new ruler of the Land of the Dead and the Dead Worlds, he had a rattlesnake-like head and four eyes, alongside dark cyan scales. He wore a ripped shirt, blue jeans torn at the knees, and two black boots. After he killed Death, he lost the skin on his head, and gained Death's hat. Additionally, his arms became masses of coiled serpents, the ends of which he covered with black gloves (with the one on his right covering the Lich).


New Death is selfish, careless, and rules the Land of the Dead with an iron fist. He is served by a team of winged minions called Undertakers, which included Tiffany Oiler until he was adopted by Joshua and Margaret. New Death has no problem killing any of his lackeys for minor mistakes such as letting Finn come to his domain, and he didn't even worry about the fact that Finn and Jake were going to kill him, more focused on the fact that if one of them killed him, they would become the replacement for New Death, and started laughing - though this may have simply been the Lich starting to completely control him.

As the son of Life and Death, beings of two extremes with jobs that never end, he had no purpose in the world. He was implied to have been neglected by them both and grew desperate for relationships. His need for attention likely made him susceptible to the Lich's manipulations.



Death is New Death's father. New Death didn't have a great relationship with his father, always being impatient and less calm compared to Death, he also doesn't seem to care that he killed his own dad, being more worried about what his mom would do if she found out.


Life is New Death's mother. It is unknown if New Death has ever been in close contact with his mother, but it is hinted at that neither shared a close bond. Life being busy all the time reincarnating entities and distracting her from taking care or forming a bond with New Death likely lead to neglect. This might explain why his personality isn't comparable to his father. However, Life states that New Death was "difficult to deal with" and during her tantrum she states in French "After everything I did for that boy", possibly hinting that she tried to form a bond with him, but failed due to his personality and the Lich's influence over him.


New Death doesn't seem to have any friendship between any of his minions, as he frequently kills them or threatens to kill them if they fail him in any way.

The Lich[]

New Death considers the Lich to be his "best friend", and seems to be either unaware or unconcerned with his malicious intentions, saying that he has a "cool vibe". Taking advantage of their tense relationship, the Lich goaded New Death into killing his father, after which the Lich possessed his right hand. After being exposed by Finn, the Lich fully took control of New Death until his demise at the hands of Mr. Fox.


  • New Death is the only known Cosmic Entity to be created via birth from two other Cosmic Entities.
  • New Death has a pinup of the Vampire King wearing only a towel, which is displayed in a chamber in his castle.
  • The Lich's plan was to destroy every single Dead World, continuing his plan to end all life in mulitverse.
    Vampire king poster

    New Death's Vampire King Pinup


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