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Nerraw is an alien world inhabited by Warren Ampersand, first seen through a portal in the episode "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" and making its first full appearance in "Jake the Starchild". This world is connected to Earth through a bubbling dimension accessed by Warren's portals.

Appearance and Climate

Nerraw is a very small world. It is surrounded by a few other planetoids as well as a miniature black hole, and the sky is filled with stars and nebulae.

When Jake and Warren first arrive there from Earth, it appears as a vibrant blue cityscape with many buildings, including the Jakeseum and the Sacred Temple of Pannishment. The planet appears to be populated by a race of aliens. However, the entire population and landscape of the world is in fact a complete fabrication, created by Warren using his stretchy powers. Nerraw is in fact a completely barren asteroid. All that was left after Warren's departure was some birthday cake, some cocktail sausages, and Jake.

The atmosphere appears to be breathable. According to Warren, the air is poisonous to humans, but this was likely just a lie to prevent Jake from insisting they bring Finn with them to Nerraw.


Warren Ampersand has been using Nerraw as the base for his schemes for many generations. Every time he begins to get old, he travels to another dimension to impregnate somebody with his "stretchy DNA". Later in his children's lives, he lures them to Nerraw, where he tricks them into wearing a belt which siphons off their stretchy power. This allows Warren to stay young while his children age instead.

The most recent victim of this scheme is Jake the Dog, who is lured to Nerraw and tricked into fighting a made-up monster named Ixcano in "Jake the Starchild". However, Jake eventually sees through the scheme. Warren attempts to escape Nerraw in his spaceship, but is thrown into the black hole by Jake. Without Warren, Jake is left to starve on the desolate wasteland, but he is rescued by Finn, Jermaine, Betty, and King Man in "Temple of Mars".


  • The planet's name is just "Warren" spelled backwards.