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Neddy (full name Neddy Bubblegum), is a candy dragon and little-known brother of Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum.


Neddy, like Bonnibel, was born from the "mother gum," or the gum hive. When Princess Bubblegum was born, she was gently dropped into a puddle of water. Shortly after, Neddy was dropped onto a sharp rock, causing him to scream and run away. While Princess Bubblegum explores, Neddy terrifyingly screams through a path filled with sticks and twigs. He finds comfort sucking the nutrients from a candy tree, which then causes him to excrete candy juice.

Princess Bubblegum has built a safe place for Neddy deep within the Candy Kingdom, where he sits alone and content sucking on candy tree roots and producing copious amounts of candy juice, which the Candy Kingdom uses for bathing and for its healing properties. He had lived there in supposed peace before the King of Ooo disturbed him, causing Neddy to run away in a panic. Princess Bubblegum successfully brings him back home.


S7e1 neddy scream

Neddy is a shy and sensitive Candy Dragon. Neddy seems to have a very infantile mentality and easily frightened, especially by the presence of other people or creatures or even funny looking plants, to a near-crippling degree. Nearly anything outside of his extremely narrow comfort zone sends him into a terrified panic. His only source of comfort is suckling candy tree roots and his beloved sister's lullaby. Though not officially confirmed, it very likely that Neddy has low-functioning autism. 

Powers and abilities

  • By suckling the vitamins from candy tree roots, Neddy can ooze candy juice from his body. This juice is the life-blood of the Candy Kingdom and is used to run a majority of its resources.
  • Proportional to his giant size, Neddy possesses incredible physical strength. Through sheer physical force he was able to easily smash through the stone walls of his underground hideaway, and Jake doubted that he and Finn could stop him alone.
  • Neddy has small, bat-like wings which he uses to fly.

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  • He is one of Princess Bubblegum's two relatives that she did not create, the other being the Mother Gum.
  • When asked about the differences between the two siblings, Princess Bubblegum says, "People get built different. We don't need to figure it out, we just need to respect it."
  • Neddy could be a reference to Nidhoggr from Norse Mythology. Nidhoggr is a dragon/serpent who gnaws on the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil, much like Neddy sucks on the roots of the Candy Tree.


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