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Natasha Allegri (born June 18, 1986) is a crew member who worked on Adventure Time. During the first two seasons she was a character designer, and worked on the show as a storyboard revisionist. She has designed a multitude of the characters on Adventure Time, and also designed the gender-swapped versions of Finn (Fionna), Jake (Cake), Princess Bubblegum (Prince Gumball), Marceline (Marshall Lee), Lady Rainicorn (Lord Monochromicorn), Ice King (Ice Queen), and Flame Princess (Flame Prince). She wrote and illustrated the Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake comic miniseries.

Natasha has created her own cartoon, Bee & PuppyCat, which premiered on Cartoon Hangover, Frederator Studios' channel on YouTube on July 11, 2013.

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  • Natasha stated on her Spring that she created all the scary faces in "Henchman"[citation needed] and the dress Marceline wore.[citation needed]
  • She claimed to have made the PHIL FACE page as Natazillaw.
  • She sang the theme for "Fionna and Cake."
  • She did a walla (a sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background) in "Loyalty to the King."
  • Her favorite character is Tree Trunks.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite Adventure Time couple is Kim and the can that she was kissing.[citation needed]
  • Natasha and Pen created a short parody animation called "Pikapew Poop Chu" that they posted on YouTube.[2]
  • According to her Spring, she met Pendleton Ward on the internet while doing journal comics, and then he gave her the job.[citation needed]
  • She has a cat named Pancake that appears in her comics and is referenced in some episodes of the show.
  • Natasha stated that the Black Cat in "Wizard Battle" is her cat, Pancake.
  • She has been hooked on comics since she first read "Garfield" in elementary school, also cites "Sailor Moon," Rumiko Takahashi's "Rumic Theater" and "Mermaid Saga" as big influences. "Comics are my first love. I wanted to do comics initially when I was in school and then I strayed into animation somehow," Allegri explained, adding that she appreciates the change of pace involved in breaking down stories into sequential form instead of being forced to "show everything" like in animation.
  • According to one of Natasha's comics, the mice seem to replace the Worms.

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