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NEPTR out of CTRL is an Adventure Time game found on Cartoon Network's website. It features the player controlling Finn and trying to slice pies out of the sky.


The Ice King has turned NEPTR into a pie slayer! Now the flying pies are attacking everyone. Slice them all to save the day, avoiding the rotten ones! Cut the special Tree Trunks pie and unleash a massive wave of pies.



Princess Bubblegum is holding a seminar, and Finn, Jake, and some Candy People are there to watch. However, Finn and Jake brought Neptr with them, and Ice King sneaks up and reprograms him. Neptr becomes an evil pie throwing robot, and its up to Finn and Jake to stop him.


The game is controlled using the mouse, and clicking and dragging across the screen to cut pies out of the air. Cutting them directly down the middle scores the player more points, while they have to avoid any rotten and flaming pies. Jake is at the bottom of the screen, his arm stretching towards the Tree Fort. The more pies the player slices, the closer Jake gets to the tree house. When the player has sliced enough pies, they beat the level. After beating a level, the player has the option to retry it to get a better score. Clocks are also thrown in the air, and slicing those gives the player more time to complete a level. Gunter has been frozen in blocks of ice, and the player has to slice the block of ice repeatedly to free them. Freeing Gunter gives the player extra points from slicing pies. Tree Trunks also has a chance of showing up on screen, and slicing her makes a massive wave of pies show up on screen.