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My Two Favorite People is a DVD which includes 12 episodes (16 on 2012 release), the DVD was released on September 27, 2011.


Finn and Lady Ranicorn sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Ok, that part didn't happen. But when Finn and Lady Rainicorn get a little too close for Jake's comfort, Mr. Jealously rears his ugly mug. And that's only 1/12 of what happens in these 12 awesome Adventure Time episodes!


  1. My Two Favorite People
  2. Evicted!
  3. Ricardio the Heart Guy
  4. Trouble in Lumpy Space
  5. Tree Trunks
  6. Dungeon
  7. The Pods
  8. The Limit
  9. Go With Me
  10. The Eyes
  11. The Chamber of Frozen Blades
  12. To Cut a Woman's Hair
  13. His Hero (2012 release)
  14. Video Makers (2012 release)
  15. Freak City (2012 release)
  16. Ocean of Fear (2012 release)

Special Feature:[]

Little Did You Know


  • This is the first Adventure Time compilation DVD, not just the compilation DVD but of any DVD having Adventure Time episodes.
  • The DVD was originally supposed to include the Adventure Time pilot from 2007 as a bonus feature, which aired on Nicktoons Network, not the Cartoon Network.
  • The cover art is designed by Dan Thompson.
  • The DVD is based on the episode, My Two Favorite People.
  • The part where Tree Trunks is at the Crystal Dimension after she exploded at the end of the episode is cut in this very DVD.
  • There is a 2012 re-release with a different cover and a few more episodes.
  • You can see Finn and Jake flying on top of the letters while Lady Rainincorn is flying between the words, if you look closely, you can see Ice King stealing Princess Bubblegum and if even closer, you can see Marceline sucking the red out of the T, and even on the back you can see Lumpy Space Princess, Mr. Cupcake, and Hot Dog Princess.
  • This DVD has 12 episodes with 6 episodes from each season 1-2.
  • This is the only DVD which includes Ice King on the cover, not counting The Complete 2nd Season.


DVD Menus[]

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