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"My Two Favorite People" is the ninth episode in the first season of Adventure Time. It's the ninth episode overall.


Jake tries to improve relations between Finn and Lady Rainicorn so he can spend more time with both of them but may end up harming both friendships in the process.


Finn and Jake are fighting Science Cat and Shark, and Jake asks Finn why he has never seen these two before. Finn replies that they come out every day at 4:00 on the dot, causing Jake to realize he is late for his date with Lady Rainicorn, and heads to her house. Jake brings her half an orange, and enjoys watching her change the scenery to different colors. Jake wants to play viola with Rainicorn, but she said she needs to sleep. Jake apologizes for being late and says good night to her, and heads home. He talks to the worm that lives in his viola, Shelby, about the stress of hanging out with both Finn and Lady Rainicorn. Shelby suggests the idea of all three of them hanging out at the same time.

Jake says it is an amazing idea and puts Shelby's suggestion into effect. The next day, he gets Lady Rainicorn and Finn together for a picnic near a Fire Pit. Soon, Jake wants Finn and Lady Rainicorn to interact with each other, and suggests Finn tell a joke. Finn begins to tell his joke. (Lady Rainicorn can understand English, but she does not speak it.) "Knock knock." Finn says. "Who's there?" Lady Rainicorn asks in Korean. Jake jumps in and translates for Finn. "Diarrhea." says Finn. Lady Rainicorn understands it and is slightly disgusted by Finn's joke. She then tells Jake that was not any fun and asks him if they could do something else. Jake then tells Lady Rainicorn that she should make a joke.

Lady Rainicorn starts to talk about the memory of both herself and Jake running through a farmer's field naked in Korean, leaving Finn confused and curious. Jake and Lady Rainicorn start to laugh hysterically and Finn asks what the joke was. Knowing that it was not really a joke, but a funny story, Jake says it would be too complicated for Finn to understand.

Jake ponders how Finn could understand her Korean language. He then remembers a Universal Translator at the bottom of Lake Szelezon, which is guarded by evil Lake Knights. Finn is concerned that Rainicorn is too sweet for fights, but Jake ensures that she can do anything.

The trio jump into Lake Szelezon after she turns them blue for camouflage, and they are attacked by the Lake Knights. But they fight against them and manage to get out of the lake with the translator. After they make it out, Finn is impressed at how good all three of them battle and suggests that they should adventure together all of the time. Jake says to himself that his plan is working. Then he gives Lady Rainicorn the translator. There are three modes on the translator: old man, nightmare, and nerdy alien. Rainicorn cannot be understood in nerdy alien or nightmare, so it is left on old man, at which point Jake remembers why he threw away the device. Finn begins to refer to Lady Rainicorn as "Grandpa."

As they fly to Finn and Jake's Tree Fort, they see a Forest Wizard giving out free power rings. As they go down, Jake slips off of Rainicorn's tail without her or Finn knowing. He lands somewhere in the forest and grows huge to look for them. He then finds them, unintentionally scaring away the Forest Wizard and the Bears in the process. Jake complains that he was calling out to them both, and Rainicorn apologizes for not hearing him due to the cloud density. Finn and Rainicorn show off their power rings to Jake. Finn tries to give Jake a ring, but finds out that they are cursed. Back at the Tree Fort, Finn and Lady Rainicorn play a video game on BMO. Jake asks Rainicorn to play music together, but she is too busy. He asks Finn if he wants to go adventuring with him, but he and Lady are going to a party with Cloud People. Jake starts to get jealous as he is sighing harder and harder. Though Finn does ask Jake to come with them, Jake says they should go alone in a somewhat rude tone. Finn tells him to stop acting "weird." Afterwards, Finn and Lady Rainicorn go to the Cloud Kingdom to party.

Several hours later, Jake has been expecting Finn and Rainicorn's return. So he calls the Cloud Kingdom to find out where the two are, but finds they already left. He rushes out of the house and discovers that Finn and Rainicorn are having fun together as she is changing several things to different colors at her house.

Jealous for the last time, he says that "two can play at that game" and takes out his phone to call someone to get both Finn and Rainicorn jealous; he calls Tiffany. Finn says he wishes Jake were there having fun with the two, but then he hears viola music. Out in the bushes, Jake and Tiffany are both playing viola. When Finn and Rainicorn discover the two, Rainicorn becomes surprised. Finn tells Jake to stop, since he is making Rainicorn jealous. Jake replies that he is trying to make them both jealous. Finn wonders why he would be jealous. Then Jake reveals that Tiffany is actually a boy. Surprised by this discovery, Finn jumps and tackles Tiffany. They both fight. While they fight, Rainicorn asks why Jake is doing this, and he admits that he is just jealous of her and Finn hanging out together. Jake and Rainicorn apologize to each other. Jake gets rid of the translator, as he is disturbed by her old man voice. Finn manages to defeat Tiffany, but he vows that he will be Jake's best friend before Finn spits on him. All of them apologize, and Jake says that they should never be stupid again but Finn suggests that they should, forever, and hang out with each other again.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Doug
  • Todd
  • Jerry
  • Dennis
  • Reggie
  • Peter
  • George
  • Larry
  • Luke
  • David
  • Benton
  • Mike R.
  • Mike H.
  • Mike A.
  • Gareth
  • Jennings
  • Mr. International
  • Mr. Outrageous
  • Captain Majesty
  • Flying Lettuce Brothers
  • Pete the Punk



  • Jake lists off the names Doug, Todd, Jerry, Dennis, Reggie, Peter, George, Larry, Luke, David, Benton, Mike R. Mike H., Mike A., Gareth, Jennings, Mr. International, Mr. Outrageous, Captain Majesty, The Flying Lettuce Brothers, Pete The Punk, and Tiffany from his phone.
    • Many of these characters make an appearance in later seasons. Gareth and the Flying Lettuce Brothers are members of Jake's old gang of criminals. Todd, Jennings, Benton, Mike R., Luke, Captain Majesty, Mr. International, Mr. Outrageous, Reggie and Pete the Punk are all Card Wars players who participate in the 59th Card Wars Doubles Classic.
  • This episode has been nominated for a 2010 Primetime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Short-format Animated Program.[1]
  • The power rings Lady Rainicorn has are the same rings in the game Righteous Quest 2.
  • Lady's joke really was not a joke, as it translates to, "I can't think of one, but remember the time we ran naked through that farmer's orchard? We ate all the apples and the farmer was so angry." When the translator is set to old man she says she also ate all the peaches in the orchard.
  • Jake states that Lady Rainicorn can play viola even though she did not in this episode.
    • In the animated short, Jake and Lady Rainicorn were sharing their common interests, one of them being that they both play viola.
  • There was a tree that says "J+L," which means Jake and Lady.
  • The word "FAVORITE" is spelled in British English as "FAVOURITE."
  • Despite the "underwater camouflage" cast on them by Lady Rainicorn, they are seen immediately.
  • Jake states that every day at 4:00 he practices viola with Lady Rainicorn, but in the Adventure Time series presentation it states that they practice every Thursday in Princess Bubblegum's Garage.
  • This episode’s title card has “Adventure Time Presents” as opposed to “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Presents” from the episodes before it.
  • This is the first appearance of Shelby the worm and Tiffany.

Episode Connections

Cultural references

  • Two of the names listed on the phone are Benton and Mike R. who are both storyboard artists (Benton Connor and Mike Roth) for another popular Cartoon Network show, Regular Show. Coincidentally, Benton Connor also works on the show.

Production notes

  • "My Two Favorite People" is the episode featured on the first Adventure Time DVD.
  • The original storyboard included an extended ending with Shark and Science Cat both coming back at 4:00 P.M. to start the fight once again. This concept was cut out by the time the show aired.
  • This is the first episode where the title card reads "Adventure Time Presents" instead of "Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Presents."
  • The same music from the party in the Cloud Kingdom can be heard in the episode, "Trouble in Lumpy Space," during the scene when Finn, Jake, Melissa, and Lumpy Space Princess are in Melissa's car, driving to Brad's house.


  • Finn states that he cannot take off the rings; however, he is not wearing them in the next scene.
    • Finn and Lady might have found the way to take them off by then.
  • When Finn tackles Tiffany, Jake's nose is the same color as his fur.
  • When Jake arrives at Lady's house, his bike is missing its basket.
  • When Jake is dialing the Cloud Kingdom, part of the headphones are the color of Jake's fur.
  • After Lady Rainicorn gives Finn and Jake water camouflage, and after the trio fight the Lake Knights and come out of Lake Szelzon, Finn and Jake's water camouflage seems to not be shown.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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