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The Mutant Newts are a group of characters that appear in the Adventure Time: Distant Lands episode, "Obsidian". Their most prominent member, Larvo, serves as the main antagonist of the episode, being the giant harbinger of destruction of the Glass Kingdom. Its other members, Larvo's siblings, were eaten by the Manta Creature, which was shown during a flashback.


As babies, they appear to be tiny green tadpoles native to aquatic regions. They have tiny stub-like hands, round faces, and two pairs of eyes on either side of their face. The top of their bodies are dark-green and the bottoms of their bodies are light-green.

Larvo Metamorphosis (6)

Adult Larvo with a rock on his head.

As adults, if angry, they become giant newt-like monsters with black and red skin. They have long faces with jagged teeth and whiskers at the end of their snouts. They have the ability to create beings, an example being the Glassassins. They also have the ability to breathe fire.

Larvo’s True Form (4)

Larvo in his happy form.

If happy, they turn into green cat-like creatures with wings between their arms and bodies that allow them to fly. The rest of their body appears to be humanoid. In this form, they are able to make their formerly evil creations into friendly beings.