The Mushroom Mayor is a character who briefly appears at the end of the episode "The Pods." He is the mayor of the Mushroom Village. After the Baby Pigs' attack, he thanks Finn for "sort-of" saving the village, since Finn kills the pigs but covers the village in ice cream in the process. Jake rectifies this problem by eating all the ice cream. One of the magic wands' spells apparently hit him and Mushroom Guy during the attack, since they cannot stop dancing.


The Mushroom Mayor has a tall blue cap with light-blue bumps on it. The rest of his body is the same color as his bumps. His head appears to be on or above the ring, and his body and limbs are on the stalk. His clothes are dark blue with a yellow outline on the vest and yellow spots on his pants.


He appears kindhearted. He seems congenial with actions that cause problems to solve a bigger problem, since he does not get upset about Finn taking care of the attacking pigs by covering the Mushroom Village in ice cream. There are no signs of complaint in his speech.


Why, thank you, Finn and Jake, for sort of saving our village!

—"The Pods"

Now if you'll excuse us, we need to start removing all of this ice cream from our homes and businesses!

—"The Pods"



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