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The Mushroom Bomb was a devastating weapon used during the Mushroom War and played a role in unleashing the Lich upon humanity.


The Mushroom Bomb has the appearance of a nuclear bomb, similar to that of the real-life "Fat Man" bomb, detonated during World War II.

The bomb's explosion cloud is also similar in shape to those created by real-world nuclear weapons (and also any conventional, non-nuclear weapons which create large enough explosions), with its distinctive mushroom shape. However, this cloud is different in that it glows a deep green and is made up of many howling, skull shaped faces.

The bomb leaves behind a crater filled with a glowing green substance and it's destructive power is great enough to destroy the ancient Ice Crown.



  • The bomb itself first appeared in "Finn the Human," though the distinct explosion created from it was first depicted in "Mortal Folly", when the Lich reached his Well of Power and in the title card.
  • In the Farmworld timeline, The Mushroom Bomb remained dormant, encased in ice and guarded by Farmworld Marceline for over 600 years (she and the rest of the earth were unfrozen 400 years after the bomb was frozen, 1,000 years after it was first dropped), but was eventually detonated by Farmworld Finn when he was acting uncontrollably, under the influence of the Ice King's crown.
  • The Mushroom Bomb is implied to have magical properties. This is reinforced by the fact that the Farmworld had no magical elements beyond the presence of Farmworld Marceline and the Ice King's crown until the bomb detonated. She recalls that the bomb was poised to bathe the Earth in "mutagenic horror".
  • The cave holding Farmworld Simon Petrikov's body and Farmworld Marceline resembles the subway station where the Lich had his Well of Power in the original timeline.
  • The song "Cloud Hunt" (and accompanying game of hide-and-seek nature) is first sang by Finn in "Marceline's Closet" may be a direct reference to the events of the Mushroom War and detonation of the bomb (or similar bombs) and somewhat describes the appearance of the Mushroom Cloud.