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The Museum of Natural History is a building that appears in "Food Chain." It appears to be located somewhere near the Candy Kingdom and was also seen with Candy Children playing in an obstacle course and learning about the Food Chain inside. Its exterior is only briefly shown; however, the inside of it is shown to a great extent.


The Museum of Natural History is a huge ovoid structure. Its title, "Museum of Natural History," is placed directly at the center on the structure. It has multiple red lines over it and a small entrance. Its surroundings, full of ice creams and lollipop trees, suggest that this museum is located in or near the Candy Kingdom.

Inside, it is basically a huge playground. There is a huge bird digestion slide where children slide down and go through tunnels trying to be a caterpillar. It also has activities, including one where the Candy Children are seen eating candy leaves in order to feel like a caterpillar. There is also a display case showing the Caterpillar Family. A Food Chain wheel is also shown and is used to teach the Candy Children about the Food Chain. A snack bar is also seen.


  • The arrows on the food chain wheel are pointing the wrong way.
  • The sign under the bird digestion slide is missing the "s" at the end of "caterpillar."