The Muscular Ghosts are a group of angry ghosts that Finn and Jake encounter in the episode "Ghost Princess." Their graves are in the "ne'er-do-well" section of the Cemetery that Ghost Princess' body is buried in.


The muscular ghosts are, as one would expect, muscular ghosts. There are three of them with unique shapes. From left to right when they appear, the first has a cowboy hat-shaped bit on his head with skinny limbs. He is blue tinted. The middle has a big, round body with head and arms to match; he looks bloated. He is dark gray colored. The third has a wide oval for a torso with his face on it, and huge arms. He is light gray colored. All three are vaguely humanoid with yellow eyes and black pupils. The third ghost has different pupils than the others; his are catlike.


Yo, yo! That's my grave! Why are you fops trashin' our spot?!

Dude, we were at the Spirit Waves show.

A'ight, Clarence, but only because of that one time when I did that thing by accident and you were cool about it.

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