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This article is about The various Universes throughout the Show. You may be looking for Dimensions, which realities are often called.
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The multiverse, as revealed in "The Lich," is a set of multiple distinct universes, or "realities," of which the Land of Ooo, the rest of Earth and Mars are parts of. Although many universes are implied or alluded to in the episode and its follow-ups, which are "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog," a universe known as the Time Room, which is said to be the source of all time, receives particular focus. The concept of the multiverse is based on the popular real-world idea that various parallel universes may exist with different physical laws, histories and/or dimensionalities.

Map of the Multiverse[]

S4 e26 Multiverse

When the sword on the Enchiridion is turned sideways, it displays a holographic map of the known universes of the multiverse, as well as the connections between them. In it, each universe is represented by a unique three-dimensional shape. Whether these shapes are true reflections of the universes or just symbols to help distinguish between them is unclear, although the depiction of the Time Room on the map is very similar to the depiction of the actual Time Room in "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog."

Known Universes[]

"This" Universe[]


Land of Ooo

Described by Booko as "the dimension in which we currently reside," this reality is presumably where most of the series takes place, including locations such as the Crystal Dimension, the Dead Worlds, Lumpy Space, and the Nightosphere. On the multiverse map, it is visualized as a sphere inscribed within a spinning cube.


Time Room

The Time Room[]

Main article: Time Room

Explained by Booko, the time room is said to be at the center of the multiverse, and is a special dimension which exists outside of time. In "The Lich", Booko refers to it as 'the dwelling place' of a being, known only as "the almighty Prismo". Though he does technically own the time room, as he does call it "his time room", he is not the one flowing the existence of time across the multiverse, that role is fulfilled by nun other then "The Time Core" which are beings that resemble that of a sundial clock, and an hour glass, shown in Fionna & Cake season 1, episode 4, 16:05. The two beings of time both slam and smash a silver and bronze sledge hammer against each other which is what admits the experience known as the passage of time. And as powerful as Prismo is, even he is limited in knowledge of these two beings, saying himself that he is unaware if they are alive or not.

Because it is described as a "quasi-corporeal," "single dimension," it is possible that the Time Room has no real physical existence and that its appearance in "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog" is merely either Finn and Jake's conception of it or Prismo's presentation of it. On the multiverse map, it is visualized as a cube with smaller cube-shaped voids in the centers of its faces.

F&C S1E5 House


Farmworld is an alternate timeline created when Finn wished that "the Lich never even ever existed" in the episode "Finn the Human". For this to have happened, the mushroom bomb would have had to not go off. In the alternate timeline created by this wish, Simon Petrikov froze the bomb before it was detonated. As a result, Humans continued to thrive, the Lich was never released, and there was no nuclear fallout to create magic.

Funny Shape World

The Funny Shape World

Funny Shape World[]

The Funny Shape World is an alternate universe created by an unknown individual through one Prismo's wishes. It was seen briefly during the episode Prismo the Wishmaster.

F&C S1E5 Winter Kingdom

The Winter Kingdom


Winterworld is an alternate universe in which Ice King was able to transfer his insanity to Princess Bubblegum, resulting in their roles being swapped.

Baby World

The Baby World

Baby World[]

Baby World is an alternate universe where every being is a baby with Gumball Guardians serving as protective babysitters.

Vampire World

The Vampire King's Castle

Vampire World[]

Vampire World is an alternate universe where Simon Petrikov (who never became Ice King) died in the Mushroom War and Marceline was adopted by Vampire King, who used the crown to permanently block the sun and take over Ooo.


The Lich's World

Extinct World[]

Extinct World is an alternate timeline that The Lich created through Prismo's wish. It is a completely barren and dead wasteland with only artificial beings like BMO left, including The Lich himself.


The Silent World

Silent World[]

The Silent world was created after Wyatt mistakenly wished for things to be more quiet, resulting in Prismo granting the wish. It is based on films of the silent era.

S7e29 Treehouse

The Grotto's Treehouse

Grotto World[]

The Grotto world is an alternate universe accessible through the Grotto nearbye Finn and Jake's Treehouse. It's later revealed that this world was created from one of Prismo's wishes, though Prismo cannot recall who made the wish.

Flapjack World[]


Flapjack's World

The Flapjack world was a world existing without the need for a wish to create it.


Golb's Empty Universe

GOLB's Dimension (not technically a dimension, but called one)[]

Somewhere in the void of nothingness lies the dimension GOLB remains in. As seen in "Puhoy", "Casper & Nova" and "Cheers", GOLB remains still in this void until something piques his interest (for example, Finn bouncing off his tongue and the Lich calling his attention). In "Cheers", when GOLB blows Simon away, there are nearby rocks that connect to the multiverse.

S5e16 Pillow World

Pillow World

Pillow World[]

The Pillow World is a realm Finn visits in his pillow fort in "Puhoy". He visits this realm after he decides that he needs some alone time to think about his situation with Flame Princess.

F&C S1E5 Fionna-world City

Fionna's World


As stated by Prismo itself, this universe he created was formerly located outside of the multiverse, not being officially connected with others, like "free radicals", instead happening inside Simon Petrikov's mind, implemented when he was still the Ice King. This turned this world into one of the only ones to be logically immune to be invaded by a copy of the Farmworld Lich's hand by its standard replication method. The Fionna-world was originally created as a pastiche of the Land of Ooo but with the genderbent versions of their characters. After the events of "Come Along with Me" with Simon being healed, Fionna-world lost their magic alongside him, turning it into a universe very similar to our own (the real world). In "Cheers", this universe was added to the full Multiverse.

Water Park World[]

The Water Park World is a world that the episode “Water Park Prank” takes place in. In this world, Finn and Jake go to a water park and prank Ice King. This world isn’t revealed to be an alternate universe until “Cheers” when Simon briefly steps foot on it while trying to get home to his universe.

Possible Universes[]

Crystal Citadel[]

Minecraft World[]

Artifacts linking Universes[]

When Booko describes the connections between the universes, he mentions that connections can be formed artificially by "artifacts of great power."

The Enchiridion[]

When the jewels from the crowns of all the princesses of Ooo (and the Ice King) are placed in the Enchiridion, it gains the ability to open a portal to any universe in the multiverse. However, it seems that this power can only be used once: in "The Lich," Finn inadvertently creates such a portal when he tries to destroy the Enchiridion and prevent the Lich from obtaining it. After the portal closes, the jewels reappear but the Enchiridion seems to have been permanently destroyed.

It is unclear why the portal Finn opened led to the Time Room, the exact place the Lich was trying to get to. It is possible that the portal merely led to the space in between all of the dimensions and the Lich could have chosen, hypothetically, to go to any dimension he wanted to.

Prismo's Pickles Jar[]

Which let the user go directly to Prismo's time room by either spelling Prismo's name or touching the "P" mark on the letter. Jake gain this object as a gift from Prismo due their friendship at the end of "Jake the Dog". However, it is later revaled in "Is That You?" that the jar was part of Prismo's plan in case he died and needed the help of Finn and Jake to be resurrected.

Prismo's Multiversal Remote[]

A remote control that allows the user to monitor and travel between the different universes like channels on a television.