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Mrs. Cow briefly appears in the episode "Storytelling" as one of many animals at the Rite of Forest Justice. Finn tells her to take off the paper bag saying, "You're beautiful, girl! You live in the forest, so why don't you just let it hang out?" Once she takes off the bag, she reveals not an udder, but a PHIL FACE, which blinks. After disgusted groans from the crowd of animals, Mr. Fox says "Yo, put that bag back on!" She is disappointed to put the bag back on and is the only animal Finn speaks to that does not really get help. A blue bird helps her tie and untie the string that holds the paper bag up.

Episode Appearances[]

Minor Appearances[]


She is a brown cow who wears a red neckerchief on her neck, a red bow on her tail, and a brown paper bag over her udder.


  • In the storyboard, the paper bag conceals a large eye complete with eyelashes.
  • Since Mrs. Cow has a PHIL FACE lump instead of an udder, there is no way she can produce milk.
  • Since her name is "Mrs." Cow, she must be (or have previously been) married.
  • She makes a cameo on the title card for the episode "Memory of a Memory," although she does not appear in the episode.
  • She turned into Bronwyn in "Skyhooks II". It is considered a continuity error.
  • It is unknown if she can produce milk due to her udders.


Official Art[]