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Mr. Faidutti was a member of the crew of La Femme du la Mer, the pirate ship captained by Tree Trunks, during Tree Trunks' flashback in the episode "Ring of Fire". He conspired with Daniel Prince, who seduced Tree Trunks and led her away from the ship, allowing Mr. Faidutti to take charge. Mr. Faidutti was presumably killed when Tree Trunks found out about his deception and blew up La Femme du la Mer.


Mr. Faidutti is a blue furred humanoid with a pink nose and a turquoise ponytail and mustache. He wears a pair of tattered orange shorts and a yellow hat.

He speaks in a thick French accent.


  • Mr. Faidutti is seen in promo art for the episode "Min and Marty", where he is helping Martin Mertens onto the deck of a sailing ship following the latter's fight against the Guardian.