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The Mouse Family is a family of mice living in the Tree Fort. We first see them sleeping in different sized beds, then to be woken up by an alarm clock. Once they awaken, they all begin to rise out of bed individually to start the day.

Mouse Family Members

Name Image
Mother Mouse
Brother Mouse 1
Brother Mouse 2
Brother Mouse 3
Sister Mouse
Brother Mouse 4


They all vary in appearance, except for brother mouse 2 and brother mouse 3. The girl mice are the only mice that wear clothes. Brother Mouse 1 is a different color than all the other mice. Brother 4 is the smallest of the mice. Other then Brother 1, who is brown, all the mice appear to be gray. Mother mouse wears a yellow dress while sister mouse wears a blue dress.


The Mouse Family seems very happy-go-lucky. They don't seem to need a sense of time, since the only symbols on their clock are a sun and a moon. Once the clock rang, it took no time at all for each mouse to calmly and carefully get out of bed one by one. Once they did, they immediately began working on their wheel, being turned by the Mother.


  • Brother 2 and Brother 3 could be twins.
  • For some reason, there appears to be no father mouse. We can rule out that he doesn't live with them because Mother Mouse's bed is too small for two mice.