Morty Rogers is a former sort of puppeteer who uses his head which used to have two imps attached to it named Chips and Ice Cream. He would use a opening attached to the side of his wagon house as a stage to display his Chips and Ice Cream show. He ducks down and the wall outside covers his head leaving Chips and Ice Cream in sight for the audience to see.

In the episode "Chips and Ice Cream," BMO invites him to the tree fort for dinner where he abruptly does a ritual which transports Chips and Ice Cream off his head and onto Jake's. It was then revealed that he had tricked BMO and wanted Chips and Ice Cream off of his head.

However, Morty goes crazy and sad once being parted from Chips and Ice Cream for a long time and runs back to them in the end of the episode. He tries to do the ritual where Chips and Ice Cream would be detached from one's head and onto another (his). But this fails and Chips and Ice Cream end up free.


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