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Monty makes his first and only appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." He is friends with Glasses and Lenny. He informs Finn that he and his friends were ditched at Makeout Point when someone drove away without them. He doesn't like being a Lumpy Space person, so the three friends take turns sitting on the Lumps antidote. Monty gives Finn the antidote when he starts screaming that he's going to kill Lumpy Space. Later, Finn wants to jump to a landlump where Promcoming is held to save Jake but the trio discourages him, saying that he'll plummet into the Lumpy Abyss. Finn then believes that if he were lumpy, he'd have a chance, so he commands the posers to bite him. Monty and his friends disapproved, so Finn stuck his arm, leg, and neck into their mouths and pushed them closed to begin the "lumpification process." The three are last seen discouraging Finn from jumping, but he jumps anyway. He is one of two Lumpy Space People whose "smooth" side has been shown (the other is Lenny).


He seems skeptical of people, demonstrated when Finn compliments him on being smooth-looking; Monty questions him on why he is "sucking up to them," rather than taking the compliment like Glasses. Monty may be the leader of the three because as they are floating away he speaks for the group saying that they changed their minds about giving him the antidote. His personality may be designed based on an angst-ridden teenager because he gives the antidote back to Finn saying that the group respects him for his "directionless fury." He must be an okay guy, he gives away the antidote (which was very important to the three of them) to help Finn "win his girl back."


Monty is pink colored with an oddly shaped body that is lumpy like all Lumpy Space People. He seems to have a hunchback due to his odd shape. He also has what seems to be acne on his face like Glasses and Lenny. Monty is one of very few lumpers with hair, his hair is brown colored and is styled as a combover.

In his smooth form he looks like a typical grunge rocker. He wears a white wifebeater, jeans, a gold chain on his side, and boots that are striped black and red. His smooth form also has hair that is long and shaggy, as well as a mustache. His skin color is still pink though it is a more fleshy tone, and his body is humanoid with the exception that he has a very tall head.


We were drawn back by your plaintive wail. We dig your directionless fury.
Respect. Take it. Win your girl back.

Promcoming takes place way down on that land-lump.

You kidding? A smoothie like you will plummet right into the eternal void.