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The Monsters of the 1st Dead World are monsters that reside in the Dead Worlds##1st Dead World. They are beings of various forms that are in charge of torturing the souls that reside here. They all appear to be various different species with different supernatural abilities. At the end of "Together Again", after Mr. Fox become the new Death, he zapped them out of existence.

List of monsters[]

Image Basic Description
Scorpion Dead World Monster
These monsters appears to be a giant green scorpion that have giant yellow eyes with red irises in place of their heads and at the top of their stingers. One of them can be seen pinching Wyatt while he wails in pain.
Eel Dead World Monster
These monsters appear to be giant grey eels with green fins, silver metallic-like bodies, sharp teeth, and heads on either side of themselves. These creatures can be seen zapping 1st Dead World souls with lightning.
Flying Eyeball Dead World Monsters
These monsters appears appear to be flying orange eyeballs with a total of four bat-like wings on the sides of their bodies. The giant eye that their body is made up of appears to have a red iris. These creatures have the ability to shoot magenta-colored lightning bolts.
Fish Dead World Monster
This giant fish monster appeared to come out of the muck at the bottom of the dead world to attack Finn and Jake. It was defeated by Tiffany. The monster appears to look like an eel-like fish with read transparent fins that are lined with bones. It has grayish-blue skin that appears to be lighter on the underside of its body. It has a giant mouth filled with blue souls. Its body also appears to have the heads of souls sticking out of it.
Purple Dead World Monster
This purple monster doesn't appear to resemble any other known existing creatures. It appears to have only one sharp set of teeth, yellow diamond eyes that protrude from the sides of its body, a body that almost resembles a goat-skull, and arm-like appendages that somewhat resemble spines.
Green Dragon Dead World Monster
This monster appears to be a giant green reptilian monster with large thick arms and sharp claws. Its head appears to be upside-down with a mouth full of sharp teeth and two yellow eyes. It has two tiny green winds at the top of its body. Its body appears to be long and protruding from out of a cave entrance.
Dark purple lizard Dead World Monster
This creature appears to be a giant purple reptilian-like creature with a mouth filled with sharp teeth. It has sharp claws, bright white eyes, and a green fin at the top of its body.