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Moldos are a species in Adventure Time. They are the main antagonist in the episode "Paper Pete." They used to damage books in the library by eating them. Their democratically elected leader is Mildwin. They seem to have strange tastes for things, as shown when they would eat the books, Jake's fur, and Finn's shirt. They eventually stopped eating the books after Finn gave them his shirt to eat, and promised to give them his shorts as well in 40 years. They might now have friendly relations with the Pagelings due to the events of the episode.


They look like blobs with arms and no feet. They have big eyes with pupils, unlike most characters in the show. They all have unusually big lips. Each Moldo had either pink, blue, green, or brown skin, except Mildwin who has yellow skin. They also have unusually sharp teeth.


Their weapons are spears. They might be used for both throwing like a javelin and melee combat since one of the Moldos tried to stab Finn with his staff by hurling it at him. This might have only been an attempt to stop him.


At first, they seem to be evil since they would damage the books in the library and eat them. However, at the end of the episode, it turns out that they just had nothing to eat.


  • Their name is a play on "moldy." Accordingly, they cause the decay of a variety of things.
  • The Moldos are the only known species in the series to elect their leader. This stands in contrast to the many monarchies present in Ooo, where succession tends to be hereditary.