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The "Mini Elves" are a species of elves that appear to live in tiny spaces. While elves are known to be tiny, these elves seem to be unnaturally tiny. They make only a three second appearance, if you blink then you’ll miss them. They are native to the Mini Elf Kingdom.

Known Mini Elves

Elder Mini Elf


The Elder Mini Elf is seemingly the oldest and the tallest of all the mini elves, he carries a tiny backpack that looks like it's packed for camping.

Citizen Mini Elf


The Citizen Mini Elf is a mini elf that appears to be the most ordinary of all the mini elves, they have a tiny, pointed red hat, pants, but no shirt.

Mini Elf Guard


The Mini Elf Guard seems to be the one of the guardians of the kingdom. He can be seen holding a tiny spear while crouched down. He wears a tiny green hat and seemingly overalls.


  • These characters have one of the briefest appearances in the series.
  • At first glance, they look like Gnomes.
  • It is unknown if they survived the Tree House's destruction in "Come Along With Me".