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This article is about Finn's mom in Ooo. You may be looking for Farmworld Minerva, or Finn's adoptive mother.

Minerva Campbell is Finn's biological mother. She first appeared in a flashback in the episode "Hide and Seek."


Minerva has short, blonde hair, wears an orange blouse and a brown skirt under a doctor's lab coat, beige shoes, and a white hat that symbolizes the Helper occupation. She also has pronounced tear troughs. She is seen with bags under her eyes, presumably from late-night shifts and constant amounts of stress.


Just like her son, Finn, Minerva is a very kind, intelligent, caring, dedicated, and selfless woman who takes great pride in helping others. However, this does put her under quite a bit of stress, but it doesn't seem to necessarily bother her.

In "The Visitor," Martin avoids speaking about Minerva, claiming it "stresses him out," suggesting that whatever truly happened left Martin somewhat traumatized unless it was simply a way to avoid telling the truth. Martin named his makeshift spaceship, "The Minnie," after her.

In "Min and Marty," it is shown that she is very clever, and her willingness to help will extend beyond what's considered "right." In the episode, she prevents Martin's re-education by using the Seekers' trust in her to successfully lie about his inability to participate.

In "Helpers" and "The Light Cloud," her selflessness and desire to help people is responsible for saving much of the human population from being wiped by a disease accidentally created by Dr. Gross. It's possible that Minerva was the last helper on her island when she caught the fatal condition. In the end, she decided to sacrifice her body and upload her consciousness into hundreds of robots so she could help and protect what was left of the human population.

Her maternal turned controlling characteristics were further explored in "The Light Cloud" when she tried to prevent Finn from leaving the island. Her fear of the chaos of the outside world fueled her anti-exploration beliefs until Finn showed her the positive aspects of Ooo that turned him into the good person he is. This convinced her to let Finn leave the island. When Finn was leaving, she arrived in Finn's mind as he put on the BVR headset. As the ship grew farther away from the island Minerva gave Finn one last "hug" and motherly advice about not eating too many blueberries.

At the end of "Come Along With Me," Minerva, along with the other humans, have seemed to gained the courage to venture out to Ooo, and are seen arriving by boat, Minerva on a large projection screen. Finn and Jake spot them, waving at them briefly. Their arrival lead to the creation of a floating city with extremely advanced technology, as revealed in the episode "Simon Petrikov".


As a Helper, Minerva is well-versed in the knowledge of medicine.

When her consciousness was uploaded to the Island's system, she was able to program hundreds of robots with her personality so she could help the island inhabitants. Her robots perform medical check-ups, direct traffic, putting out fires, and guard prisoners. She also has the ability to access the information of the inhabitants of the islands, shown when she found out who Finn was when a Minerva-Bot took a blood sample.

In the tips of the Minerva Bots' fingers are several devices, though only three are shown: A needle to inject sedatives, a needle to collect blood samples and a projection to show data/information. The Minerva bots, when an organism has mysterious implants put on their forehead, have the ability to make the organism's bones disappear with a snap. The robots also have the ability to walk on water and walk through force fields.

In their heads, the Minerva bots also have the ability to project a giant light cloud that serves the same function as a cloud chamber, except on a mass scale.

As the main "Program," Minerva can control all of the robots through voice commands and project her voice through them as well. She seems to mostly reside inside the main monitor surrounded by a moat that houses the major computers that contain her program.

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  • In "Min and Marty," Minerva possesses three college degrees and a couple of awards for her dedicated contributions to the welfare of the citizens.
  • Finn's genderbent counterpart, Fionna, uses Minerva's surname instead of Martin's surname.
  • Her Helpers hat was the inspiration to the appearance of her son's hat.
  • Minerva is the name of the Roman goddess of medicine and wisdom.
  • Her role as a helper can extend beyond medicine, as she is seen helping old women get to their class, deciding sports lineups, and being Simon's therapist.
    • She is the only helper seen doing this, so it is possible that she simply volunteered to take on the other responsibilities.
  • Adam Muto explained that her wanting to help was essential for Finn's heroic personality.
  • In the picture montage during "Min and Marty," her certificate has the last name "Brandt" on it instead of "Campbell."
    • Brandt is an old English name for sword.
    • In the same montage, it is shown that she has one or more PhDs.


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