The Mind Maze(A.K.A. The Temple of Mars and The Telepancy Capsule), is a three part maze that lets all those who enter explore their inner thoughts. Finn, Jermaine (character), and Betty Grof enter the maze so that they might find where is space Jake is located.

Notable inhabitants


Part One

Part one of the mind maze consists of what can be referred to as a pond filled with "Mind Frogs." In this part of the maze, you have to avoid eye contact with any of the frogs that appear on the side of the path, even though they look “interesting.” If you look at them, they will grow angry and jump at you.

Part Two


Part two rests at the end of the path of part one. It is completely made out of ice. Inside of the ice, and outside, there are chalkboards and books with gigantic math equations written on them. In this part, the Ice Thing resides. On the chalkboard that is outside of the ice, there is an equation full of errors. When Betty tried to correct them, the Ice Thing undid her corrections.

Part Three


Part Three of the maze was found when Finn smashed through the chalkboard while trying to take care of the Ice Thing. At first it appeared to just be a while room, but after further inspection, there appeared to be a window in time. This window of time contained the moment that Betty had to change, because it was the moment before she met Simon. Once she changed it, the room disappeared, and confetti rained from the sky. The exit to the maze also appeared, along with Jake.


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