Mind Games is a book written by Jay T. Doggzone. Jake keeps it around "for laughs," saying that it gives bad dating advice to readers that can mess up their brains.


The color of the book's cover and spine are olive green. All of the text on the cover is capitalized and written in the same font.


  • Swing at Every Ball: Mentioned by Ice King in "Reign of Gunters" after an annoyed Huntress Wizard leaves him at the entrance of the magic item shop. Flirt with everyone and someone is bound to return the affection.
  • Future Farming: Mentioned by Finn in "Reign of Gunters" after he explains to Jake why he's acting mysteriously to Princess Bubblegum. Act mysteriously in front of women to keep them confused and thus interested in you, regardless of your feelings towards them. This way you will have "options" in the event your current relationship ends. After learning that Finn got this from the book, Jake tells him it's full of bad advice.
  • Ladies are Drawn to Bros With Tortured Pasts: Mentioned by Ice King in "I Remember You" when he seeks advice for what kind of lyrics he wants in his song. Ladies find men with tragic pasts more interesting than those with normal and uninteresting histories. Whether or not it is advised to either stretch one's past or lie about it is left unknown.
  • Listen to "Ba-Bumps": This is repeated text shown in the book in "All The Little People" in the background as Tiny Marceline licks Tiny Peppermint Butler.  It reads: "Now to be clear, Jay T. Doggzone does not condone random flirtation with wanton babes, but careful consideration of which lovely honey gives your heart the ba-bumps. Cause it's all about the ba-bumps. Secondly, you gotta remember to be smooth, no bodacious babe belongs with a bumbling baby beau bereft of bravado."  This is identical to advice that Jake gave Finn at the start of the episode.
  • "Peacocking": Wearing an elaborate, gaudy item to become more noticeable, as seen in "The Suitor."
  • RCD: As seen in the Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! video game as a bit of text between levels: "Not everyone can be an RCD (Real Cool Dude).  It takes patience, dedication and suavistication."  This is likely a play on "AMOG" (Alpha Male of Group) a confident persona assumed by pick-up artists.


  • The book's title and content are a parody of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss, a book about the community of "Pick-Up Artists" who use techniques similar to Doggzone's to pick up women. Techniques such as "Swing at Every Ball" are direct parodies of such techniques described in the book as "Sarging," which is also about flirting with every woman in an effort to find one that reciprocates.  "The Suitor" directly parodies the technique of "Peacocking" from this book.
  • On the cover of "Mind Games," the author's name is spelled Jay T. Dawgzone, but it is written on the inside as Jay T. Doggzone.
  • When the book appears in the episode "The Suitor," it is first shown titled "Mind Game" and is immediately corrected in a shot soon after.


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