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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Due to wasting you final, final, final second chance by acting in bad faith. You have been banned. Bad faith of course as in duplicity, fraud, or deception involving intentional deceit of others. You are hereby banned. You been warned far, far, far too many times in the past to be brought back.

    After hiding a vote to demote the people who were wary of you due to you horrible past actions, your trickery landed you a seat in the admin ranks. After breaking SO MANY rules in your return of sockpuppetry and vote fixing as well as ending votes way too early this is enough. Causing fights and using others is not approved of here and not appreciated, nor are the lies you spread to others.

    As for the duplicity and deception, the blog you made targeting the demotion of people stated that they deserved to be demoted because they acted without consent from the community, so since people got demoted for not involving the community in every little administrative detail and yet you kept changing things left and right including the RULES for voting without allowing the proper amount of time. I have asked you to stop acting in bad faith far too many times than is needed and with your constant demotions and promotions not involving the community you are indeed acting in bad faith and as such I have consulted with Wikia about this because bad faith actions are not tolerated here. Whatever Wikia's actions will be are up to them.

    In short, you were acting in bad faith because you got people demoted for not consulting with the community before making administrative changes and now you are not consulting with the community before making administrative changes.

    Enjoy your bridge, troll.

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    • FINALLY.

      this guy has been bugging my intestines out because he just thinks he's the freaking boss of every single crap in this wiki. Personally, I always wanted for HIM to get demoted. I mean, he got Tavis demoted right. DUDE ARE YOU INSANE, SERVES YOU RIGHT. HECKYEA

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    • He is dumb.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • It has been three days for people to vote on ATG right? someone should tell feli so he stops accusing me of breaking rules.

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  • Please stop making large changes like this. Please follow the rules and leave it to the crats. You are not a crat.

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