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  • Hey Ryyan! Just checking in with you to let you know about global taxonomy if you haven't had time to check out the blog from a couple weeks ago. Basically, we're working to better personalize recommendations like how Netflix does based on what you have watched. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to check out the blog or ask any questions.

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  • *:Category:Characters|Characters
    **:Category:Main Characters|Main Characters
    ***[[Princess Bubblegum]]
    ***[[Ice King]]
    ***[[Lumpy Space Princess]]
    ***[[Lady Rainicorn]]
    **#category-Minor Characters#|Minor Characters
    *List of episodes|Episodes
    **List of episodes|List
    **List of episodes|Seasons 1-5
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_1:_2010|Season 1
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_2:_2010-2011|Season 2
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_3:_2011-2012|Season 3
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_4:_2012|Season 4
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_5:_2012-2014|Season 5
    **List of episodes|Seasons 6-10
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_6:_2014-2015|Season 6
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_7:_2015-2016|Season 7
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_8:_2016-2017|Season 8
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_9:_2017|Season 9
    ***List_of_episodes#Season_10:_2017-2018|Season 10
    **Adventure_Time:_Distant_Lands|Distant Lands
    ***Adventure Time Short: Frog Seasons|Frog Seasons
    **#category-Voice Actors#|Voice Actors
    **:Category:Real-World Objects|Other media
    ***List of media
    ***DVD Releases
    ***Adventure Time Toys
    ***Adventure Time (comic)
    ***References in other media
    ***:Category:Real world games|Video games
    *Project:Community Portal|Community
    **Adventure_Time_Wiki:User Rights|Admins
    ***Adventure_Time_Wiki:User Rights|List of Admins
    ***Adventure_Time_Wiki:Nominations_for_Rights|Nominations for rights
    **Project:Community messages|Community messages
    **Special:RecentChanges|Recent changes
    ***Blog:Recent_posts|Recent blog posts
    ***Special:RecentChanges|Recent changes
    ***Project:Manual of Style|Manual of Style
    ***Adventure_Time_Wiki:Code_of_Conduct|Code of Conduct
    **Project:Sand Kingdom|Sandbox

    This code can be updated here. Only administrators have the privilege to edit that.

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  • Hi I am new to this wiki

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  • I probably need your help on reorganizing Template:EpisodeNav, in response to the new specials Adventure Time: Distant Lands. I currently put new upcoming four episodes of "Distant Lands". What do you say?

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    • In addition, I wonder if there should be a more detailed navigation for different series of comics in general. There are 75 issues just in Adventure Time (comic), and 6 issues for Season 11 already.

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    • Well if the WikiNav hadn't been limited to a maximum of 3 sublevels deep by the devs, we could just put in sub-menus for all the issues, with like a scroll-arrow thing on the bottom to scroll down the menu as you move the mouse on the bottom... Alas, unfortunately they've gotten kind of strict about what can be modified and to what extent these days, probably due to abuses that were happening on some wikis/by some individuals. You know how it goes...

      (Oh, and my apologies for my (possibly sudden) absence as of late. I've had a lot of stuff going on lately and haven't had much time to dedicate to wikis and such. Still, I'll try to check in and check on things as much as I can.)

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  • Hi Ryan, as you may have noticed, Bmoisawsome told me that I should use the form of editing only based on the other articles structured differently, but I know how the articles should be edited, since I have experience editing wikis and would do so in order to help . I would like to know if you are willing to help me because I want to show you that I want to do my job well, thanks for your attention.

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    • There's nothing wrong with you trying. Just that if it doesn't conform enough to our rules, you might be reverted. Just a fair warning. Like I said on BMO's wall, I also had to conform to these rules. That is the reason we all expect everyone else to. I hope you understand. Thanks!

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    • I know but you don't think it's unfair to reverse the editions of the users just because they edit differently than they usually do in the other wikis, in my case I would like some of my editions to be preserved as a proof that I can edit any article without any problem but if you must understand that sometimes it is difficult to follow the same as always to what some would like things to be like but in the end I just try to advise you.

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  • Hey Ryan, in case you haven't read the Community Central blog from earlier this week, Fandom officially announced the Editor Rewards program. Fandom has been looking for ways to give back to users for the work they've done. Recently they have done things such as buy movie tickets, or offer products from their favorite fandoms. Stay tuned as perhaps you, your co-admins, or other contributors for this wiki may even be eligible!

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the blog so the Editor Experience team can answer directly.

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  • Sorry I asked on the Ben 10 wiki and then forgot 😐

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    • Hi Carnotaurus and welcome to the wiki! I’m the most active admin nowadays so I will have the answers to your questions. The ranks on every wiki are different. On the Adventure Time Wiki the ranks go accordingly (please see the link below). This link will being you to the page where all of our ‘ranks’ are located.

      Welcome to the wiki, once again! Thank you, Bmoisawsome

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  • Hey! I'm Marcus. If you haven't heard, Fandom recently launched a new initiative called Wiki Managers. We're liaisons to communities and full time staff. Our job is to make your editing expeirence better by offering direct support.

    I'll be the Wiki Manager for this fine community. I look forward to assisting where I can. Should you have any questions about editing, templates, designs, etc, feel free to throw a message on my wall. I'll be sure to respond in less than 24 hours!

    Additionally, we can help mediate disputes should they arise (but we'll be sure to be asked to do so and not take matters in our own hands).

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  • My friend is really ugly and wants to kill herself, how do I help her kill herself to end her suffering? She's really serious about it and I want to help her do it. I just want to help end her suffering. Please give me only serious advise.I am desperate. Thanks.

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    • Oh wow what?? She doesn't need to kill herself and you definitely don't need to help her do that... Things always get better in a bit of time... Why are you on AT wiki with this anyways?? There's other venues, like suicide hotlines and whatnot...

      She can't be that ugly, like even if her face is all scarred from a fire or something, you just see past that and like y'know, just see her personality... unless she's a bad person there's nothing wrong, and certainly no need for suicide. It'd be a waste of one more good person from the world... Please don't do that.

      I again don't know why you're here but, there's your advice..

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  • Congrats for becoming an admin! :)

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