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  • I live in In my dreams every carton universe, in real life Cali
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is Some intergalactic temp job
  • Bio ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Yellow, my name is Bmoisawsome and this is my story

    It all started a with a simple boy and his dog going on adventures in the Land of OOO. Whenever my world was dim I would click on the TV set and that moment, that one moment when those beginning notes of the Adventure Time into started to play my world burned bright again. I didn’t have a normal childhood growing up and Adventure Time was my one safe place. It was so much more to me than just some cartoon on CN, it was a world that you can get lost in, a world where the characters were your family, they accepted you and they took you away from all the pain the real world had to offer. That is why I will always be a fan and always be loyal to the wiki.

    6/24/18 was a magical, life-altering day for me, it was my first post on the Adventure Time Wiki. Not only has my life changed drastically since the show itself but it’s also changed due to the wiki. I can’t even begin to describe my time here, it’s just been, well to put it in simple terms, “The Ultimate Adventure” with some ultimate friends.

    Thank you, Bmoisawsome

    👑👑 My favorites 👑👑

    Marceline the Vampire Queen
    Bonnibel Bubblegum
    Ice King/Simon
    Shelby the Worm
    Jake the Dog
    Finn the Human

    “Adventure Time intro”
    “House Hunting Song”
    “Empathy Song”
    “A Hero Boy Named Finn”
    “The Fry Song”
    “Susan Strong”
    “On A Tropical Island”
    “I’m Just Your Problem”
    “My Best Friends in the World”
    “Happy Ending”
    “All Gummed up inside”
    “Bacon Pancakes”
    “I Remember You”
    “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
    “Lemon Hope’s Song”
    “Food Chain”
    “Little Brothers”
    “Kingdom From Spark”
    “Yeah Girl It Stinks”
    “Lonely Bones”
    “Everything Stays”
    “According To Our New Arrival”
    “Seeing Red”
    “Fall In Love Again”
    “Slow Dance With You”
    “Time Adventure”

    “Take Her Back”
    “Imaginary Resources”
    “Slime Central”

    Marceline the Vampire Queen- “Run away with me, to cavern shaped like home.”
    BMO- “But does growing up just change your body.....or also your soul.”
    Bonnibel Bubblegum- “People get built different, we don’t need to figure it out we just need to respect it.”
    Ice King- “You don’t understand! If you were me you would do things I would do!
    Shelby the Worm- “Stab him, with a giant syringe of....respect.”
    Death- “There are rules in the Land of the Dead. Loose a music battle, loose your life.”
    Jake the Dog- “To live life, you need problems. If you get everything you want the minute you want it, than what’s the point of livin’?”
    Finn the Human- I’d say Creepy is just another label we use to distance ourself from stuff we don’t understand. Or that it reminds us of something in ourselves that we’re not comfortable with. It just ain’t a real thing, ya know? Unless you choose to believe it.”

    ~~Seasonal Order~~
    ~~Season 1~~
    “Business Time”
    “The Duke”
    “Rainy Day Daydream”
    ~~Season 2~~
    “Loyalty to the King”
    “Story Telling”
    “Death in Bloom”
    “Susan Strong”
    “Heat Signature”
    “Mortal Folly”
    ~~Season 3~~
    “Memory of a Memory”
    “What Was Missing”
    “The Creeps”
    “No One Can Hear You”
    “Thank You”
    ~~Season 4~~
    “Card Wars”
    “Burning Low”
    “BMO Noir”
    “Lady & Peebles”
    “You Made Me”
    “The Hard Easy”
    “I Remember You”
    ~~Season 5~~
    “Up a Tree”
    “All the Little People”
    “Simon & Marcy”
    “The Party’s over, Isla de señorita”
    “Wizards Only, Fools”
    “Be More”
    “Sky Witch”
    “The Vault”
    “Red Starved”
    ~~Season 6~~
    “Food Chain”
    “Little Brother”
    “Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!”
    “Ghost Fly”
    “Everything’s Jake”
    “Jake the Brick”
    “The Cooler”
    “Dark Purple”
    “The Diary”
    “Walnuts & Rain”
    “Graybles 1000+”
    ~~Season 7~~
    “Bonnie & Neddy”
    “The More You Moe, The Moe you know (Part l & Part ll)
    “Angle Face”
    “Blank-Eyed Girl”
    “Bad Jubies”
    “Flute Spell”
    ~~Season 8~~
    “Broke His Crown”
    “Bun Bun”
    “The Music Hole”
    “Jelly Beans Have Power”
    ~~Season 9~~
    “The Wild Hunt”
    “Bonnibel Bubblegum”
    “Marcy & Hudson”
    “Jake The Starchild”
    “Come Along With Me”

    🐮🐮🐮🐮My Cow Family 🐮🐮🐮🐮

    (The Second Shakespeare)
    May return one day.......

    Go beyond the bound, get the most reword

    (Fub-Cat, Fub-Rock, or Fub-Cart)
    If there was an award for nicest person hands down it would go to Fubbie! This girl was one of the first members of the Cow Family and I just can’t imagine the wiki without her. She has one of the highest level of coding skills on the wiki, just take a look her AT profile! Every time her and I talk we come up with about 75 new nicknames for each other! Fub-pear will always be the nicest, sweetest, kindness, person on the wik and for that I can not thank her enough.

    I hear by present this award of “Sweetest Person” to fub-bubble

    Gwyneth Anne Rabanal
    Gwyneth Ann Rabanal is one of the most talented people on this wiki, just take a look at her vectors! All of her art adds a colorful spark to the wiki, I even have some hanging on my wall along with my pal Space Man! She’s part of the #Cowsistas that share a mutual hatred for Boom along with Rosebud and I #Cowsistasforlife. Speaking of the #Cowgang Gwen is such and awesome human that she made a family portrait for us, don’t worry it’s going to be “Gwen-ified” soon! Gwen is also the creator of the #BOOMNEEDSTOGOKABOOM whitch is a hashtag that I know I use often. This cowsista also has a special talent of talking in hashtags, which makes for a seriously radical time! You should really consider meeting this radical gal!

    If AT needed a new artist, they would definitely call Gwen

    (Twin & Fellow David Lover)
    A gal that disappears into her lair and is only spawned to the wiki by *enter suspenseful sound here*....upvotes! But in all seriousness this gal makes me laugh to the point of even more laughter! She’s part of the #Cowsistas because of her mutual hatred for Boom! that Gwen and I also identify with. This rocken girl basically knows all sorts of good tunes and even all of David Bowie’s Wikipedia page, for that she gets a gold star! Every now and than we get punny with some plant puns and therefore she gets the nickname Rosebud! She plays music just like Marceline and could be a member of the Scream Queens! Her and I are part of the XXXMoes (a low-budget comedy show)! If your looking for a rocken time that will probably end with you laughing your way to OOO and back, you NEED to meet Rose!

    With a uke or a knife this girl belongs on the stage......or in the kitchen

    Robin Grossl
    This dude is the definition of SPACE BANANAS! Thanks to him the rocket and banana are the second most used emojis on my phone (the first one being the cow of course)! I was the first one to welcome Robin to the wiki and to each and everyday I cherish his mathematical friendship. Not to mention if you ever need anything translated to German he’s your guy! He has taught me everything I know about everything space-like! You absolutely NEED to go check out his Upcoming Projects because they are going to be radical as well as his past projects and tributes. Another great thing is Robin is just the kind of guy who will always support you thick or thin he’s there and ready to give you a hand wherever when ever. On a real note Robin will always be my best space bussum and for that I am eternally greatfull.

    Above and beyond, this boy belongs with the stars
    ✨ 🚀✨

    📺📺My original AT Wiki bio📺📺
    Hello you are reading a 18 year-olds thoughts on Adventure Time here we go!!!Princess Bubblegum Marcy, BMO top favorite characters. Stakes best mini-series EVER. Watching Adventure Time ever since I was just a young gum, literally grew up watching the show! To wrap up all of my pets are named after Adventure Time characters, latest-one being Phlannel Boxingday. Your welcome....

    *Thanks Bmoisawsome and your friends at the AT wiki*
    if you get that reference your an OG wiki reader.

    🚧🚧🚧 Under Construction 🚧🚧🚧
    🐝🐝My Bee and Puppycat bio🐶🐱

    *🌹“Find your thread of truth”🌹*
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  • Hi, I have seen some problems in transcripts for certain episodes (Jermaine, Chips and Ice Cream, etc.). I was just wondering if there is any way to restore transcripts like these, which have certain names copied in with links in a row. An example would be: ColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchezColeSanchez (except those all have links). These random links replaced many of the actual text from the transcripts. I was just wondering if this was a strange bug, or if this was somebody trying to be funny.

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    • Honestly I have had this issue before as well I think it’s a bug in some code of the wiki but what worked for me was a quick undo of that edit/rollback. This wasn’t trolling (however I wish it was It would be a lot easier to fix lol)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I wanted to make some wiki pages for rooms in certain houses or kingdoms. I have already done many for the Goblin Kingdom, and I was planning on making some for Marceline's house (ex. her bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) I just wanted to make sure I could do this.

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  • I would like to clear out all articles with these two categories: Category:Villains and Category:Wizards, because the category page itself are long gone and they appear as red links. But such a task needs to be done by a bot account. Do you know any active bot account that can still be used in this wiki?

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  • Hi! Me again, I just wanted to let you know that I created a separate page for Blue Nose for a few reasons: A) unlike Jake's other alteregoes, Jake is not in control of this character. B) He seems to have his own personality that is uninfluenced by Jake. C) This character is in no way Jake, it is a completely new character, the only thing that they have in common is that they are attatched to each other. Also, I put this character in Jake's alterego catergory thingy, linked the main page of this character, and wrote a separate paragraph for him in that section.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi! Me again, I made a separate page for Owls and Ducks because there is an abundance of the two and I feel like having them just in the Birds category was just too general for people looking for specific species. I hope this is ok, let me know. Thanks!

    -Parker Haley

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    • You're all good, thanks for making honest contributions to the wiki!

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    • Hey when your uploading images to the wiki make sure they are in the PNG file format. PNGs are lossless so pixel rate won’t be lost when put on the wiki. Basically JPGS are OK but PNG is preferred.

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    • Ok sounds good 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi! Recently I've been making specificity charts for citizens/species such as Flame People, Sheet Ghosts, and Spirits. I was wondering if they looked appropriate for the wiki? Thanks!

    -Parker Haley

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  • Hello! You watching Disney show Jessie????

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, I'd like to request that the Ice King article be renamed to Simon Petrikov, as he was permanently turned back into Simon in "Come Along With Me" and he is referred to as Simon everywhere else on the article. Also, please let me know if this is a matter to be voted on by the community or not.

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    • Completly see your point. However, since Ice King is identified as Ice King for most of the series (not Simon) it's appropriate to keep his name Ice King and not Simon.

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    • Well, the longevity of Simon's time as Ice King doesn't really change the fact that he was permanently turned back into Simon and should be referred to as such. Him being called Simon everywhere else on the article strengthens this. But, I can still see your point and am not that fussed if this isn't the choice you make.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Thx for getting rid of that dude's thread on my wall. Do you know if he had some specific beef with me or something?

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  • Hey was wondering if we could talk before I begin the process of undoing everything?

    Thanks! -Parker Haley

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    • A FANDOM user
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