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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Memory of a Memory" from season 3, which aired on July 25, 2011.

This transcript is complete.


[Finn and Rag Wizard are riding on Jake's shoulders, Jake is running]
Rag Wizard: Faster!
Rag Wizard: Faster! She's in danger!
Jake: Who is he talking about?
Finn: I have no idea.
Jake: What?! Then why am I running so hard?
Finn: Because...
Rag Wizard: Because she's in trouble!
Finn and Jake: Who is?!
Rag Wizard: Marceline!
Finn: Faster, Jake!
Jake: She's in trouble! [runs faster]
Jake: Hey, wizard, how do you know Marceline?
Rag Wizard: I'm her spirit animal.
Jake: Oh.
[They arrive at Marceline's house, Marceline lying on her floor]
Finn: [gasp] Marceline! What's wrong with her?
Rag Wizard: She accidentally cast a sleep spell on herself, and now she's trapped in eternal slumber.
Finn: Tell us how to break the spell.
Rag Wizard: I'll transport you into Marceline's mind where you will walk through her memories and find the memory core.
Jake: Then what?
Rag Wizard: Find the memory of Marceline casting the sleep spell on herself. At your touch, you and the memory will be transported back to reality.
Jake: But, like, if you know all this, why not just do it yourself?
Rag Wizard: Entering a person's mind can be dangerous, and I don't have any arms. Just legs. [stretches leg towards Finn] Yeah, there we go... oh. [jabs Finn's forehead with toe]
Finn: What? What'd you do to my forehead?
Rag Wizard: When you get close to the memory, your forehead will glow. Here, take this. [gives Finn a sack] It's a sack of magic powder. Sit on the couch and sprinkle the powder on your head.
[Finn and Jake walk over to the couch and sits on it]
Finn: Like this? [sprinkles powder on himself and Jake]
Rag Wizard: Yep, like that. Feel sleepy?
Finn and Jake: Mmhm.
Rag Wizard: Good. Sleep now. But know this! If you fail, Marceline will be trapped in eternal sleep... forever!
Finn and Jake: [gasp]
Rag Wizard: And ever. And ever.
[Finn and Jake fall into darkness, sleeping. Lights come on]
Jake: [yawns] Did it work?
Finn: [rubs eyes] Ugh, ah. I can't tell. I don't feel like I'm inside Marceline's memories.
Jake: Me neither. Huh?
[They walk beside the couch, which extends into a destroyed town-like area]
Jake: Whoa. Whoa!
Finn: So... if we're in Marceline's memories, where's Marceline?
Jake: Hmm... there she is! [walks up to young Marceline] Hey, little Marcy.
Young Marceline: Who are you guys?
Finn: We're Finn and Jake.
Jake: We're your friends!
Young Marceline: Hambo is my only friend. See? [holds up Hambo] You need another eyeball surgery, pal. Lucky for you, we found a donor. [rips button from shirt] Eyeball! Nurse, hand me the string. Yes, doctor. It's our last piece. Hold still. [stitches button into Hambo] I'm hurting you because I love you.
Jake: Ahem!
Young Marceline: What are you guys still doing here?
Finn: We're trying to wake you up.
Jake: Do you know where your memory core is?
Young Marceline: Nope, but there might be anything behind that cellar door, and it rhymes with memory core!
Jake: Ooo! Ooo! Could be jams and pickles down there! [opens door] Weird. I think this door leads to a new memory; with food in it! Ooo, ice cream
Finn: I want some! Huh? [Finn and Jake enter Marceline's room while she is picking her nose]
Jake: [opens new door] Come on, Finn!
[Finn and Jake enter a broken down restaurant, Hunson Abadeer is eating Marceline's fries]
Finn: Yo, man.
Hunson Abadeer: Wha?
Finn: Don't eat those.
[Teenage Marceline walks in, seeing her dad eating her fries]
Hunson Abadeer: Marceline!
Teenage Marceline: [sniffling] Daddy, why?
[Finn and Jake enter a new memory located in the Tree Fort]
Finn: It's our treehouse. This must be when Marceline lived here.
[A slightly younger Marceline and Ash carry and put down chair in the room They fall on the chair]
Marceline: I'm so glad we're doing this, Ash.
Ash: Yeah, me too. Oh, hey, wait. Watch this--I've been practicing. [summons rose]
Rose: Marceline! I love, I love.
[Marceline kisses Ash on the cheek; rose continues to say "I love"]
Ash: [giggles]
Jake: Who's this guy supposed to be?
Finn: Ash, I guess.
[Finn and Jake enter a new room through a mouse hole to see Marceline sitting in a chair]
Marceline: [sighs]
Finn: [sniffs] This place reeks.
Jake: Yo, man, your thing is glowing.
Finn: My what? [touches forehead] Oh, my thing.
Jake: We must be close to the core. I see another door over there. Come on.
Finn: Wait a sec, Jake. It's that guy again.
Ash: Hey, open your eyes, look at this, Mar-Mar. Check it out. It's my new wand. [holds a flower with four cherry blossoms] These cherry blossoms, look, look as close as you can, and they're real.
Marceline: [puts a finger near a cherry blossom and gets zapped] Wow. Awesome. Where'd you get the money for that thing?
Ash: Oh, I sold that teddy bear that you love so much. To a Witch.
Marceline: You what? Are you crazy? That was my favorite thing in the whole world!
Ash: That's why it's so valuable, genius--for potions.
[A ghost comes out of the wand]
Cherry Blossom Ghost: You're not, a genius. You're not, a genius.
Marceline: [crying] That's the last straw, Ash! That's it! You're a psycho jerk, and you ruined my life.
Ash: But--but not all of it!
Marceline: IT'S OVER, YOU PSYCHO!! [stomps out of the room]
Jake: This way, Finn! Check out this whacked out memory crack! It's ba-nay-nay down here!
[They enter Marceline's memory core]
Finn: The core!
Jake: All these orbs must be her memories.
Finn: How are we supposed to know which one to grab?
Jake: Play hot-cold with your forehead!
Finn: Alright. [moves along the memory core] Hot or cold?
Jake: Cold. Definitely cold.
[Finn continues moving]
Jake: Warmer. Warmer, warmer! Whoa, hot. Hot, hot, hot! That must be the one!
[Finn grabs memory]
[Finn and Jake wake up with the memory orb in their hand; it gets grabbed by Rag Wizard, who has arms now]
Finn: [wakes up] Huh? Hey, you have arms.
Ash: That's right, genius.
Jake: Huh?
Finn: You lied to us.
Ash: The important thing is... Marceline's awake. [magically beams Marceline awake]
[Marceline wakes up]
Finn: Marcie, Marcie! You're okay.
[Finn and Jake rub Marceline's hair, Rag Wizard takes off his wardrobe revealing himself to be Ash]
Marceline: Quit touching my hair!
Finn: You had a magic accident, and we saved you with some help from your wizard friend.
Marceline: That's Ash.
Finn and Jake: Ash?
Marceline: He's not my friend; he's my boyfriend.
Finn and Jake: What?!
Ash: That's right, babe.
Marceline: Ash, what's going on?
Ash: Just picking up my girl for a night on the town; at my place.
Marceline: That's sweet. [kisses Ash on the cheek]
Finn and Jake: What?!
Marceline: Oh, grow up you guys. I'm going to go freshen up.
Ash: That's a relief.
Marceline: Oh, Ash.
Finn: What?
Ash: Don't you guys get it? I outbrained you. That wasn't the memory of a sleep spell you brought me. That memory was our break-up!
Marceline: [in memory orb] It's over, you psycho!! [orb is popped by Ash]
Ash: That's enough of that?
Jake: Oh, no!
Finn: What?
Ash: Yup. Come on, Mar-Mar, let's go.
Finn: No, Marceline!
Ash: Ashicus Flyicus. [flies away with Marceline]
Finn: They're gone, man. He took her!
Jake: Don't worry, Finn! I got the scent. [sniffs] Ah. Follow me.
[Finn and Jake arrive at Ash's house]
Jake: I could smell them in there. So what's the plan?
Finn: Um. Okay, you take that shovel and keep banging it against that shed until Ash comes out to see what's happening. Then I'll sneak in, and I'll rescue Marceline.
Jake: [fist bumps Finn] Nice. [bangs shovel against shed and Tiny Goblin comes out]
Tiny Goblin: My house! What's happening? No, don't hurt me!
Jake: No, no, sorry.
Tiny Goblin: [screams]
Jake: Shh, shh, wait!
Tiny Goblin: Help, somebody help me!
Ash: [bursting out his front door] What's all this hullabaloo?!
Tiny Goblin: Help! Help!
Ash: Hey, hold it, you, get back here! [chases after Jake]
[Finn arrives through the house's chimney]
Marceline: Finn? Finn, what are you doing? You can't be here! Ash doesn't like me hanging out with mere mortals.
Finn: Yeah, okay. Sorry Marceline, I'll go. I just gotta show you something first.[shows Marceline sack of magic powder]
[The powder puffs into a big cloud and they are transported to Finn's memories]
Marceline: Hello? Finn?
[Marceline opens a door to see a baby Finn singing Baby Finn Song. She stops watching and starts laughing, Finn shows up]
Finn: Hey, there you are. [closes door]
Marceline: Finn, what's going on? What is this place?
Finn: It's my old house. That magic powder--it put you in my memories. Me and Jake were in yours before, but Ash tricked us into stealing your memory of you breaking up with him. But it's okay because I saw the memory. Now I have a memory of your memory in my memory. See? [holds memory orb to Marceline]
Ash: [memory orb] Oh, I sold that teddy bear that you love so much. To a witch.
Marceline: [in memory orb] It's over, you psycho!!
Marceline: Finn, I think I'd like to wake up now.
[Finn and Marceline exit his memories and are walking out of Ash's house]
Finn: You gonna be okay, Marceline?
Marceline: Yeah. Thanks, Finn, I...
Ash: Yo, Mar-Mar. What—What's with the chump? C'mon, I said no chumps. [pats his belly] Ash gets hungies at eight o' clock. You need to get back in the kitchen and make me din-ner.
Marceline: [angrily grunts with a scowl]
Ash: I want a turkey sandwich with to-ma-to.
Marceline: [grunts once more]
Ash: Also pickles.
[Steaming, Marceline kicks Ash in the crotch, Ash groans in pain. Ash falls down, and Marceline continues to kick him. Finn starts jumping on Ash.]
Ash: [groaning] Ohh...I can't see...Somebody call my mom!
[They back off, and Jake stomps on Ash with a giant foot. The episode ends.]