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"Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" is the tenth episode in the first season of Adventure Time. It's the tenth episode overall.


Finn tries to reconfirm his desire for helping people out when confronted with one problem after another stemming from a violence-hating mountain.


The episode begins with the Marauders fighting each other and acting rough. Finn, participating in the fight, then hears a cry for help from somewhere. Before Finn goes off to find the source of the crying, the Marauder he had been sparring with stops and insults Finn. Finn tells him a story of when he was young, he took a "boom boom" (Finn's word for defecation) on a leaf and accidentally sat in it. He cried for a day, and no one helped him, so he swore to help others who need help and goes to the mountain. Once they scale it, Finn and Jake find out that the mountain is actually a living being and crying rocks. He tells them that he is sad because of the Marauders' roughhousing and he abhors the use of violence. Jake says the mountain's got problems, which triggers some more of the "boom boom" memories. Finn is on the leaf and a bug woman tells her daughter that Finn has problems. So, Finn convinces Jake to help, and then they promise to help the mountain. They ask the Marauders to tone-down the roughhousing on their first attempt, but they say they can't make the fighting less rough. He sees a duck and rat, and gets an idea to soften them by tying animals to them, but the mountain is even more sad because the animals are getting hurt and it is worse than before. Finn then pets the Marauders to get their attention and they all seem to like it. Finn goes to tell the Mountain about the petting, he is delighted by the change and thanks Finn. The Marauders pet themselves until their skin grows raw, promoting them to go back to roughhousing despite Finn's protests. Finn then gets an idea to turn the mountain around and everyone agrees. A female mountain objects (she likes the look of the mountain's back), and then Finn gets various requests from several sources.

Finn and Jake on the Mountain's nose (Jake is using his stretchy powers.)

The requests are: Mushroom Creatures (they want to dance to music), Coal Man (he wants peace and quiet), a Cactus Creature (she needs pollination to have her babies), Dragon (he has an itchy butt), Ice Cube Creature (he is in very cold water and wants to melt), Fish (they want the flies off of their almost dead mother), a toad and Electroids (they are in a debate with each other because Little Blue Creatures took his plum and the toad stole their triangle), and Naked Wizard (he is just naked and wants to be clothed). Finn becomes stressed, nearly driven to tears by the gravity of his desperate situation to try and stay true to his pledge, and in trying to calm him down, Jake asks Finn what he wants. This triggers the last part of the "boom boom" memory. Finn is still stuck to a leaf when Joshua and Margaret pass by and see him there. The two dogs resemble Jake, for they are Jake's mother and father. Margaret kisses Finn on the cheek, which makes Finn feel better. In response, Joshua tells her that she had just kissed a "boom boom" baby and thus shouldn't expect any "sugar" from him.

Finn then gets a clever idea that solves everybody's problems in a Rube Goldberg-esque manner. The Marauders start rough-housing connecting a machine that swats the flies off the mother fish. The flies cover the Coal Man's ears, drowning out the sound. He throws two coal pieces that trigger a simple machine giving the toad his plum and the blue creatures their triangle. They hum and make the mushrooms dance in the flowers. The pollen from the flowers gets on the cactus creature making her babies. They are covered in prickles and scratch the dragon's itch. The dragon breathes fire and melts the ice cube. The Naked Wizard makes a foam hat out of the evaporating water. The mountain cannot see through the steam and is told no one is rough-housing. The female mountain is gladdened that she can still enjoy the mountain's grassy back. Finn recieves praise for solving everyones problems at once, only for Jake to tell Finn that he has a problem—a dolphin fell in love with him. Finn tells him that is the opposite of a problem. Afterward, the two of them are seen riding on the dolphin on a body of water.


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  • In the scene showing the Dragon's fire hitting the puddle, there are shapes of a pig, a bird, and a whale hidden in the animation of the fire and steam.
  • This is the first episode to feature characters saying the word "math" as a profane word, such as "Spin me the math around!" "You're creeping me the math out!" and "Math this!"
  • In this episode, Jake reveals that Finn still cries when he poops.
  • When we first see a wide shot of Marauder Village there are two dirigible airships flying in the sky.
  • This is the first appearance of Jake's parents and Finn's adoptive parents, Joshua and Margaret.
    • This also reveals that Finn and Jake are brothers.

Episode connections

Cultural references

  • If one listens closely at the end, you can hear a Wilhelm Scream, a stock sound that has been used countless times in television and cinema.
  • The scene where the Head Marauder asks Finn if he is "a chicken" and Finn turns around slowly and asks, "What did you call me?" is a homage to the Back to the Future trilogy, where the main character reacts the same way to being called chicken. It should also be noted that the antagonist from the first two movies (Biff) does the voice of the Marauders.
  • Finn is found abandoned on a mountain as a baby, similar to the character Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels.
  • The bearded old man, holding a staff and standing under a localized thunderstorm, who shouts, "I'm naked!" may be a reference to Shakespeare's King Lear. In a famous scene, the old king is stuck without shelter in a storm on the heath and he begins to go mad.

Production notes

  • This episode was originally titled "Helping Hand."[1]
  • This episode's production code matches where it actually aired, as episode 10.


  • When Jake is lying on his back while the various animals are petting him, the small giraffe appears to be layered in front of him instead of behind, making his legs go over the top of Jake's feet.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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