Melissa makes her only appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." She is Lumpy Space Princess's best friend, and is currently dating her ex-boyfriend, Brad. Like Lumpy Space Princess, she has a car.


Melissa speaks with a lisp, making some of her words difficult to understand. She is also shown to be very girly and a complete airhead. Before they arrive at Brad's house and after telling Finn they were already at their destination, she turned around and said "Hi, Finn!" while blushing and waving, revealing she may have a crush on him. When Finn reminded her that she was supposed to drive them to Makeout Point, she replied dimwittedly "You think I want to make out with you!? Well, maybe I do..." which is another supporting fact that she may have a crush on Finn, but whether she does or not is still unknown.


Tonight ith the weekly promcoming danthe!

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

LSP, you're so baaaad... Be there in a thec!

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

You wanted a ride to Makeout Point? You think I want to make out with you?! Well, maybe I do...

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"


  • Melissa's contact on LSP's phone is "BFF 66."
  • Her license plate reads "SXY-LMP," presumably meaning "Sexy Lump."
  • Although Melissa does not physically appear in "Heat Signature," she does have a phone conversation with Lumpy Space Princess. She also appears to speak to Melissa in the "The Wand" short.
  • Melissa is dating Lumpy Space Princess's ex-boyfriend Brad, and seems to tease her about it.
  • Apart from her eyelashes, Melissa's eyes are exactly like Cake's.
  • In "Gotcha!," an anecdote about Melissa appears in Lumpy Space Princess's book (I Wrote a Book!). LSP writes that Melissa once came out of the bathroom with her lump crooked, but she refused to tell her " 'Cause that's what you deserve when you PO LSP."


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